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Ambassador Control Plane Announced

Published on May 06, 2021

Ambassador Labs announced the new Ambassador Developer Control Plane (DCP), whichgives developers the ability to manage the entire modern software development lifecycle for Kubernetes environments using tools and processes that are familiar to them.

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Learning Kubernetes: The Need for a Realistic Playground

Published on Aug 27, 2020

Depending on a team’s experience, Kubernetes can either be a steep learning curve or refreshingly simple. Regardless of a team’s background, being able to rapidly and safely experiment within a Kubernetes playground is the key to becoming productive quickly.

Press Releases

As Customers Scale, Ambassador Scales

Published on Jul 22, 2020

New security and performance capabilities available in  Ambassador API Gateway 1.6 help organizations bolster developer performance and further reduce risk.

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Ambassador Edge Stack Seeks Shortening of the Inner Development Loop

Published on May 29, 2020

Datawire Ambassador has released a new version of Ambassador Edge Stack designed to accelerate the inner development loop. The new Service Preview capability uses Layer 7 (L7) control to allow multiple developers to code locally and preview changes remotely as if the changes were part of the live cluster.

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TechStrongTV: May 7, 2020

Published on May 07, 2020

This episode of TechStrongTV, features Datawire's CEO , Richard Li. As well as Thomas Krane of Insight Partners , and Todd Weber of Optiv. Brought to you by MediaOps, the people behind, Security Boulevard and Container Journal.

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Ambassador Edge Stack turns 1.0

Published on Jan 21, 2020

Microservice tool provider Datawire has released the first major version of its Ambassador Edge Stack (AES), a microservice API gateway for Kubernetes which offers security features amongst other things.

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2020 Container Predictions - Part 1

Published on Jan 06, 2020

As part of DEVOPSdigest's 2020 predictions, industry experts offer predictions on how containers and related technologies will evolve and impact DevOps and business in 2020.

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Datawire Launches Ambassador API Gateway Platform

Published on Dec 13, 2019

Datawire launched Ambassador Edge Stack 1.0 , which combines an open source application programming interface (API) gateway optimized for Kubernetes with a Level-7 load balancer, Kubernetes Ingress controllers, monitoring capabilities and a developer portal into a single platform.

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Datawire Introduces Ambassador Edge Stack 1.0

Published on Dec 11, 2019

Datawire unveiled the new Ambassador Edge Stack 1.0, an integrated edge solution that empowers developer teams to rapidly configure the edge services required to build, deliver and scale their applications running in Kubernetes.