Edge Stack

Simplify and secure your Kubernetes application development with best-in-class, cloud-native API Gateway solution

Manage high traffic volumes and distribute incoming requests across multiple backend services, ensuring smooth and reliable application performance.
Get robust security features, such as web application firewall (WAF), rate limiting, IP whitelisting, and SSL/TLS, to protect your APIs from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.
Productivity & developer experience
Streamline developer productivity and enable self-service options to leverage your team’s existing Kubernetes workflows for configuration, deployment and management of APIs.

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Security and authentication at the edge

Edge Stack, the Kubernetes-native API Gateway, makes securing microservices easy with a comprehensive set of advanced functionality, including automatic TLS, comprehensive authentication options (OAuth2, OIDC, JWT, Single Sign On, and more), rate limiting, IP allow/deny listing, WAF integration, and fine-grained access control.

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Why Edge Stack

Flexible Kubernetes management with Ingress Controller

Route requests into your Kubernetes cluster flexibly while safeguarding reliability and resilience for your backend services.

Simplified traffic management to ensure high availability

Ensure resilience and uptime for your applications even when microservices crash.

Decentralized, declarative workflows

Give development teams what they need to safely manage their ingress using the same workflow they already use for Kubernetes.

Edge policy management

Enable edge policy management by deploying declarative policy engine, edge policy console, observability integrations, and tracing integrations.

Self-service control and flexibility

Gain fine-grained, self-service control over edge proxy needs and speed up development iterations by eliminating manual tasks and complexity.

Professional world-class support

Access expert support from the Ambassador Labs team behind Edge Stack API Gateway.

How Edge Stack works

Edge Stack Kubernetes-native API Gateway plays an important role throughout the entire microservices lifecycle and can make a difference to your organization's design, development, testing, deployment and observability activities.

Kubernetes ingress controller

Routing user requests into your Kubernetes cluster requires a modern traffic management solution. Edge Stack API Gateway provides a robust Kubernetes Ingress Controller that supports a broad range of protocols, including TCP, HTTP/1/2/3 and gRPC, supports TLS and mTLS termination, and provides reliability and resilience features to protect your backend services.

  • Designed and built with Kubernetes best practices
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • TLS and mTLS
  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Robust configuration options
  • Enabled for developer self-service

Simplified traffic management

Microservices may crash, but your application shouldn’t. The API Gateway includes support for automatic retries, timeouts, circuit breakers, and rate limiting to maximize application availability. In addition to keeping your application available, the API Gateway supports progressive releases with fine-grained traffic management controls.

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Decentralized, declarative workflow

Edge Stack API Gateway empowers development teams to safely manage their ingress, using the same workflow you already use with Kubernetes.

  • Configure using Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)
  • Operator-focused CRDs, including host, listener, and security configuration
  • Developer-focused CRDs, including mappings and rate limiting configuration
  • Comprehensive protocol support, including TCP, HTTP/1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, and gRPC and gRPC-Web
  • Zero-downtime reconfiguration
  • Integrate with existing GitOps / Kubernetes workflows

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Solution Brief

Coding at the Edge: Supercharge API Performance

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Edge Stack Modules and Features

Security and Authentication

WAF Integration
Rate Limiting
Automatic HTTPS
Custom Request Filters

Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Kubernetes Integration
Protocol Support
Cross-Origin Sharing
Custom Request Filters

Traffic Management

Load Balancing
Circuit Breaking
Progressive Delivery

Service Mesh

Service Mesh Integrations Multi-Cluster Support
Rate Limiting
Automatic HTTPS
Custom Request Filters

Edge Policy Management

Declarative Policy Engine
Edge Policy Console
Observability Integrations
Tracing Integrations

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