Kubernetes-native API Gateway for Microservices built on the Envoy Proxy

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Ambassador 0.14 is now available
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Map services to arbitrary URLs in a single, declarative YAML file.

Easily integrate your own authentication service with Ambassador for per-request authentication.

Ambassador uses the high performance Envoy Proxy, which processes over 2M requests/second at Lyft. Ambassador runs as a sidecar to Envoy, insuring that you get raw Envoy performance.

Ambassador uses the proven resilience capabilities of Kubernetes to insure high availability. For example, Kubernetes is responsible for auto-restarting, auto-scaling, and updating (via a RollingUpdate) Ambassador. Unlike many other API Gateways, Ambassador has no database -- it relies on ConfigMap to store state.

Ambassador uses a declarative YAML syntax, which means you can easily keep your Ambassador configuration in source control.

It's easy to get started:

  1. Download and run Ambassador as a Docker container:

    docker run -it -p 8080:80 --name=ambassador --rm datawire/ambassador:0.15.0
  2. That's it! Check out the diagnostics page at http://localhost:8080/ambassador/v0/diag/.

  3. See Ambassador route requests live to our Quote of The Moment service at

    curl localhost:8080/qotm/

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