Secure, scale, and ship your microservices

Open Source Kubernetes-Native API Gateway built on the Envoy Proxy

Join thousands of other organizations automating edge operations

"Ambassador is a great productivity tool, and provides a single point of reference for all of our services. We’ve also saved a lot of money and complexity since we’ve eliminated many of our ELBs. Ambassador has been very stable and robust for our needs."

Paris Apostolopoulos

Lead Software Engineer, Ticketmaster

"Ever since the inception of Kubernetes, we’ve witnessed a community of ideas coming together and evolving best practices. Ambassador is one of the building blocks we adopted and are proud to be contributing to."

Alexandre Gervais

Staff Software Engineer, AppDirect

"Regarding Ambassador, all I hear around our company is pure joy."

Carlos Yakimov

Solutions Architect, Falabella

"Ambassador provides a simple, decentralized way of managing Envoy files through annotations which allows us to declare the state of the routing tier directly to code and simplify the dev-ops process"

Christopher Lane

Enterprise Architect, Chick-Fil-A
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Reduce your time-to-customer for Kubernetes microservices. Scale your edge operations. Enable your microservices teams to secure, scale, and ship their microservices, so your ops teams don’t have to.


Ambassador is designed for both developers and operators

Ambassador gives developers and operators decentralized control of the edge, enabling you to ship your services faster.

For Developers

Detect issues

Detect issues and determine root cause faster. Automatic L7 metrics collection, distributed tracing, and integration with popular monitoring systems.

Test Safely

Test safely with real production traffic. Dynamically adjust traffic weights per route for canary releases. Copy and route production traffic with traffic shadowing.


Decentralized self-service configuration. Manage your Ambassador configuration as part of your Kubernetes workflow, without waiting for centralized operations.

Modern protocols

Use modern protocols. Support for gRPC, WebSockets, and HTTP/2.


Incrementally migrate to Kubernetes. Use Ambassador as a facade for both your legacy applications and cloud-native applications, and migrate without impacting your customers.

For Operators


Kubernetes-native, with high availability and scale. Integrated Kubernetes health checks. Scale with horizontal pod autoscaler.

YAML Config

Simple YAML config. No need to learn a new configuration language or invest in new tooling.

GitOps Friendle

GitOps friendly. Fully declarative configuration. Store all configuration under source control.


Secure your services. Encrypt all L7 connections with TLS. Require authentication on all inbound requests. Prevent denial of service with rate limiting.

Blazingly Fast

Blazingly fast. Handle thousands of requests per second on a single pod. Reconfigure Ambassador in milliseconds with no connection drops.

Reduce time-to-customer for Kubernetes microservices

Scale your edge operations with a GitOps style workflow enabled by Ambassador’s decentralized, declarative configuration model.

The Old WayThe New Way

Ambassador is powered by Envoy Proxy

Ambassador is a specialized control plane that translates Kubernetes annotations to Envoy configuration. All traffic is directly handled by the high-performance Envoy Proxy.