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An Envoy-powered Open Source API Gateway

Emissary-Ingress is the most popular API Gateway Kubernetes-native open-source, that delivers the scalability, flexibility, and simplicity for some of the world's largest Kubernetes installations. Emissary-Ingress is an open source CNCF incubating project, and it uses the ubiquitous Envoy Proxy at its core.

Why an open source Kubernetes API gateway?

AWS Recommended

Once your organization hits a certain scale, a reverse proxy or load balancer isn’t enough for traffic management. If you’re using Kubernetes, you’re probably already at that scale and need support for advanced ingress and API management solutions like blue-green deployment. The AWS EKS Anywhere team recommends Emissary-Ingress for.

  • Multiple backends
  • TLS termination
  • Service discovery
  • API composition
  • Retry logic
  • Logging and tracing
  • Circuit breaking


The open source API Gateway Emissary-Ingress is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubating project that was initially created by the team at Ambassador Labs

Simplified Kubernetes Management with a Developer-focused Ingress Controller

Routing user requests into your Kubernetes cluster requires modern traffic management. The Open Source API Gateway Emissary-Ingress provides a developer-focused modern Kubernetes ingress controller that supports a broad range of protocols including HTTP/3 and gRPC, supports TLS termination, and provides features to ensure reliability and resilience of traffic management.

Emissary-Ingress is built on Envoy Proxy and comes with all the capabilities and high performance of that project.

Ingress Controller Features:

  • Designed and built with Kubernetes best practices
  • Protocol support for TCP, HTTP/1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, gRPC and gRPC-Web
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • TLS

Simplified Traffic Management to Ensure High Availability

Microservices may crash, but your application shouldn’t. The Open Source API Gateway Emissary-Ingress includes support for automatic retries, timeouts, and circuit breakers to maximize application availability. You can also extend it with a rate limiting service.

In addition to keeping your application available, Emissary-Ingress supports progressive releases with fine-grained traffic management controls.

Traffic Management Features:

  • Advanced Load Balancing
  • Circuit Breaking
  • Progressive Delivery

Decentralized, Declarative Workflow

Emissary-Ingress empowers development teams to safely manage their ingress, using the same workflow you already use with Kubernetes. Your developers aren’t blocked and your platform engineering team is unburdened.

Workflow Features:

  • Configure using Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions
  • Zero downtime reconfiguration
  • Integrate with existing GitOps / Kubernetes workflows

Support Popular for Service Meshes

The Emissary-Ingress open source API Gateway natively supports service meshes for service discovery, end-to-end TLS, and observability. Emissary-Ingress is deployed in production with all the most popular meshes. In addition to service mesh support, Emissary-Ingress also supports multi-cluster Kubernetes when used with LinkerD.

Emissary-Ingress Modules and Features

  1. Contribute! Emissary-Ingress is an open-source API gateway, and so suggestions, new features, integrations and documentation are very much welcome!
  2. Explore the Emissary-Ingress Architecture
  3. Learn how to get started and accomplish specific tasks via the Emissary-ingress Documentation
  4. What’s New? The Emissary-Ingress community continually add improvements and new features - View the Changelog
  5. Join us on Slack

Emissary Ingress Open Source API Gateway