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Edge Stack vs. Emissary-Ingress

The open source Emissary-ingress and commercially available Ambassador Edge Stack are Kubernetes-native API Gateway solutions that deliver scalability, security, and simplicity for some of the world's largest Kubernetes installations.

Kubernetes-native API Gateway Solutions

Edge Stack API Gateway

Edge Stack is a widely-adopted and production-ready enterprise API gateway and K8s Ingress solution. Built on the base of CNCF Emissary-Ingress project, with extended security and rate limiting features, Edge Stack offers mission-critical support with an SLA for your team.

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Emissary-Ingress is an open source Kubernetes-native API gateway based on Envoy Proxy. Built to enable both global configuration for ops and a decentralized workflow for developers, created by Ambassador Labs, and it's now a CNCF Incubation project.

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Experience the power of cloud-agnostic Kubernetes-native API gateway solution.

Edge Stack API Gateway vs. Emissary-Ingress OSS

Edge Stack API Gateway


Requests per month

Circuit breakers, automatic retries, timeouts

Observability: distributed tracing, real-time L7 metrics

L4/L7 load balancing and routing for HTTP/1, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, WebSockets, TCP, gRPC

Network security with cert-manager integration, TLS and mTLS, and CORS

Service mesh integration


Open API support

Rate limiting

Service catalog


Dev portal

Automatic HTTPS

Comprehensive authentication



Rate Limiting*. Emissary-Ingress can rate limit via API calls to an external rate limit service you provide. Edge Stack has built-in, advanced rate limit capabilities.

OAuth, JWT, OpenID Connect integration*. Emissary-Ingress can do basic authentication via an external auth service you provide. Edge Stack offers comprehensive, built-in authentication features.

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Ambassador makes it very easy for us to manage endpoints across all our regions worldwide and is able to seamlessly adapt and work with every region’s 80 different endpoints, each with varying configuration requirements

Nashon Steffen

Staff Infrastructure Development Engineer | Mercedes-Benz

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