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Blackbird API Development Platform

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Blackbird takes away boring, automatable tasks (like building dummy code for mocking) in your API Development lifecycle and gives you access to a hosted environment that you don’t have to maintain in order to test your APIs in a live environment.

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Key Functionality of Blackbird

Mocking API Endpoints

Develop and test your code without being dependent on the backend services, and we’ve already written the dummy code for you so you don’t have to waste your time creating this manually

Enables parallel development of frontend and backend components

Code Generation

Simplifies API development and creates consistency across your shared codebase

Store and re-use your API specs with your team

Debugging Capabilities

Test and debug your APIs against production-like data and traffic before you deploy

Save cloud costs in staging environments and decrease dev time

Deploying APIs

Minimize change failure rates by maximizing optimization pre-deployment to your staging and prod environment by testing within our hosted test environment

Speed-up testing your APIs by removing the need for internal teams to set-up testing environments

Intellyx Awards Ambassador for Blackbird API Platform

Esteemed industry analysts at Intellyx received a sneak peek briefing of Blackbird and awarded Ambassador a 2024 digital innovator recognition for the new API development Platform.