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APISec University Course: API Gateway Security Best Practices

Check out our course on APISEC University, covering best practices of API Gateways in API security, with our solution engineer, Kay James. APISEC U provides free, high-quality education and resources on all aspects of API security that are easily accessible across the globe.

This free course covers the following:

  • Introduction- recap on what APIs and API Security are.
  • API Gateways 101 - So what are API Gateways?
  • Types of API Gateways
  • API Gateway Implementation Walkthrough with Emissary-Ingress

Watch Our Webinar With APISec About the Course for Highlights:

Learn From the Experts

Mareko (Kay) James is a solutions engineer at Ambassador Labs and currently resides in New York. Passionate about technology, good food, and creating great music, Kay enjoys being able to help others solve technology problems. Prior to joining Ambassador Labs, she graduated from New York University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.