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The Livin' On The Edge Podcast Series

At Ambassador, we're more than just a cloud-native application development company. We're a catalyst for change in how enterprises design, deploy, and manage microservices on Kubernetes.

About the Podcast Series

Join us to learn about best practices for releasing functionality via continuous delivery pipelines, and investigate the latest developer tooling, API gateway technology, and service mesh implementations.

In our "Livin' On The Edge" series, we interview practitioners and senior technical leaders from organizations such as HashiCorp, Lyft, GitHub, Ticket Master, Buoyant, and more.

Our Host: Jacob Beck

Jacob Beck is an Engineer turned Product Manager, who enjoys working to align engineering projects to help advance business goals. He focuses on bridging the technical capabilities of the product to the business. Prior to his role at Ambassador Labs, Jacob served as a software engineer at Target Corporation and Optum. Jake graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Outside of work, Jake loves to exercise, whether it's lifting weights or going on hikes with his 2 dogs.

Our Host: Markeo (Kay) James

Kay James is a solutions engineer at Ambassador Labs and currently resides in New York. Passionate about technology, good food, and creating great music, Kay enjoys being able to help others solve technology problems. Prior to joining Ambassador Labs, she graduated from New York University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

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S3 Ep15: Promoting API Industry Diversity with Women in APIs' Clare Barrett

On the latest Livin’ on the Edge podcast, we took our regular episode in a different direction. Ambassador cares greatly about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the API industry, and we believe it’s important to create spaces and opportunities for all to thrive. We invited Clare Barrett, Director of APIsFirst, to join us on the podcast. APIsFirst is a UK-based consultancy that focuses on helping organizations navigate complexity and accelerate the digital transformation of API-led business and IT teams. Read on for upcoming trends, how to get involved with the Women in APIs community, and how you can be either a better ally or gain confidence in the industry as a woman in tech yourself!

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S3 Ep14: Four P's of Platform Engineering: Key to Prosperity

In our latest Livin’ on the Edge podcast, we chatted with Erik Wilde, well known OpenAPI Initiative ambassador and Principal Consultant at INNOQ, as well as the host of the popular YouTube channel, “Getting APIs to Work.” After both of us attended APIDays New York a few weeks ago, we realized that platform engineering continues to be the talk of the town in this industry. In our discussion, we zeroed in on the four main P’s for a successful platform engineering approach. Whether it’s the importance of treating platforms like products, identifying pain points, standardizing processes, and managing platforms actively to prevent fragmentation…. here’s Erik’s TL/DR of it all for successfully managing a platform.

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S3 Ep12: Kubecrash 2024: Engineering Insights with Danielle

KUBECRASH 2024 Join us for a special bonus mini-episode with host Kay James and VP of appCD/ Kubecrash Co-Founder, Danielle Cook as we dive into what you can expect ahead of Kubecrash Spring 2024. This year's theme is Platform Engineering: Building the Ultimate Internal Developer Platform. Kay got the inside scoop with Danielle on what to look out for, and some can't miss sessions with this open source-focused conference.

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S3 Ep11: Embracing Tech Change: Matthew Reinbold on Adapting to Industry Shifts

Celebrating April, which is API month! API Consultant Matthew Reinbold’s transition from leading API governance at Postman and Capital One to consulting was driven by a desire to understand how replicable his strategies were across the industry. His unique role has given him an immense amount of clarity and an inside look into how many tech organizations are fairing amongst current economic headwinds. Resources:

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S3 Ep10: Foundations of Formidable API Federation feat. Daniel Kocot

As organizations continue to adopt microservices architectures and leverage cloud technologies, effective API management becomes paramount. API federation aims to provide a centralized approach to managing and orchestrating APIs across diverse environments to keep pace with the ever-increasing need to manage our APIs closely. API Federation is a fundamental part of modern API management. The TL/DR of it all is that API Federation provides a unified and consistent interface for external users while promoting flexibility and agility within the internal service ecosystem. With Daniel, we discussed:

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S3 Ep9: Developer Productivity: the Inner Dev Loop & Quantitative Metrics

Key Highlights: Developer Productivity: the Inner Dev Loop & Quantitative Metrics More Time on the Inner Dev Loop: In general, to improve developer productivity, the goal should be to increase the time spent in the inner loop and reduce the time spent in the outer loop, as this leads to higher productivity and better product outcomes. Qualitative and Quantitative metrics: Build out a holistic approach to measuring developer productivity around specific qualitative and quantitative metrics.