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S3 Ep8: Cloud Trends Unveiled: Navigating the Future of Cloud-Native Platforms & Gateways


Krishna gave us a sneak peek into the evolving landscape of cloud technology and Cisco's role in it, drawing parallels between Cisco's strategy and Nvidia's positioning as ‘the AI computing company,’ stating that Cisco is aiming to position itself as the cloud-native service provider.

Episode Guests

Krishna Modi
Cloud Architect at Cisco
Krishna Modi  is a Cloud Architect at Cisco and is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Key Highlights: Exploring the Future of Cloud Technology with Krishna Modi

  • Cisco's Evolving Culture: Krishna Modi, a "boomerang" at Cisco, shares insights into the company's strong culture and his return to the family-like environment.
  • The Necessity of Cloud-Native: Krishna discusses Cisco's journey towards becoming a cloud-native company, emphasizing the importance of adapting to the evolving cloud landscape.
  • Strategic Acquisitions for Cloud-Native Leadership: Highlighting key acquisitions like Splunk, Krishna explains Cisco's strategy to enhance its cloud-native and observability services.
  • The Rise of Platform Engineering: Krishna stresses that platform engineering is an evolution, not just a trend, and essential for infrastructure development.
  • The Evolution of API Gateways: Insight into how API gateways are transforming, with a focus on adaptability, observability, and the role they play in a cloud-native ecosystem.
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) Essentials: Krishna underscores the critical importance of IAM from the start of any project and recommends using modern tools for integration.


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