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Streamline innovation with Edge Stack API Gateway, enhancing scalability and developer productivity for microservices architecture.

    Developers are constantly challenged with integrating complex systems, ensuring application security, and meeting tight deadlines. Edge Stack, the Kubernetes-native API gateway, is designed to meet these challenges head-on. It enables developers to streamline their workflow, secure their applications, and focus on what they do best: build great software.

    Edge Stack has been working great for two different projects. Installation was straightforward with the Kubernetes YAML manifest. What won me over are the mappings, monitoring especially with prometheus-operator (kube-Prometheus) and TLS with cert-manager.

    –Arkadiusz Wasniewski, Engineer, KMD Company.

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    Streamlining Development with Security, Scalability, and Simplified Kubernetes Integration.

    Simplified Integration and Deployment:

    Edge Stack's native Kubernetes support simplifies the integration and deployment of microservices, allowing you to spend more time coding and less time managing infrastructure.

    Automated Scalability for Developers:

    Automatically scale your applications with Edge Stack to meet fluctuating demands without manual intervention, freeing you to focus on development rather than operations.

    Enhanced Security Features:

    With built-in security features like SSL/TLS encryption, rate limiting, and IP whitelisting, Edge Stack ensures your applications are secure from the start, allowing you to develop confidently.

    Developer-Centric Features:
    Enjoy developer-friendly features such as custom routing, filters, and the ability to create and manage API mappings directly, making it easier to tailor your infrastructure to your application's specific needs.

    Boost Your Productivity:
    Edge Stack is designed to remove unnecessary complexities, enabling you to deploy faster and more efficiently. Its intuitive design and comprehensive documentation mean you spend less time on setup and more on development.

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    Check out how Edge Stack can streamline your development process and enhance your applications' performance and security. Dive into our documentation.

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