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Ambassador Simplifies the Microservices Life Cycle & Accelerate Application Development. Its developer-friendly tools, Telepresence and Edge Stack, allow teams to iterate faster and manage their API gateway with scalability and security.

Press Releases

Ambassador Edge Stack Becomes First Cloud Native API Gateway To Support HTTP/3 For High Performance Enterprise Environments

Boston, MA - June 29, 2022 - Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced the newest release of Edge Stack API Gateway, an integrated edge solution that empowers developer teams to quickly configure the edge services required to build, deliver, and scale applications for Kubernetes. HTTP/3 support has been added to Ambassador Edge Stack v3.0 and Emissary-ingress, the CNCF project originally donated by the company, making it simple for developers to manage and observe traffic from the Internet to their Kubernetes services, and to do so with resilience and security at scale. Ambassador Labs also announced a series of learning programs, including the new Kubernetes Learning Center (KLC) site designed to boost skills for developers and platform engineering teams. “Ambassador Edge Stack is a trusted self-service edge offering that eliminates the ops change request backlog and gives power to the developers to implement policy changes to support faster app release cycles with confidence,” said Richard Li, co-founder and CEO at Ambassador.  “Our newest release reinforces our commitment to the developer experience as they take ownership of the full app lifecycle. An intuitive interface makes it simple for developers to own policy changes at the edge - with full visibility into any and all changes made - so they can release applications fast, more frequently and with the highest level of security.” A Comprehensive Edge Stack

June 29, 2022 | 7 min read
Press Releases

Ambassador Labs Announces New Technical Partnerships and Products to Unlock Developer Productivity for Cloud Native Teams

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU, BOSTON - May 16, 2022 - Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced a series of technical partnerships and products to accelerate Kubernetes adoption by teams and organizations worldwide. Ambassador Labs has joined the steering committee of the new Envoy Gateway project, a new initiative within the Envoy open source project, which will extend Envoy capabilities to include basic API gateway “out of the box” capabilities for cloud native development and delivery. As a launch partner for Docker’s Extension marketplace, Ambassador Labs also now enables an integrated experience for Docker Desktop and Telepresence for faster local-to-remote feedback loops that boost developer productivity for testing in Kubernetes environments. Finally, the newest Team Edition release of Ambassador Cloud built on leading open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects Emissary-ingress, Telepresence, and Argo, includes new capabilities and pricing designed for distributed cloud native development teams. Free to get started, the latest Ambassador Cloud scales to support projects and organizations of all sizes, from development to production. Introducing Envoy Gateway Envoy Gateway is a new effort within the Envoy proxy open source project to simplify Envoy use in cloud native application development. Envoy Gateway will reduce existing, redundant efforts around Envoy and make it much easier for application developers to use Envoy as a basic API gateway “out of the box” and as a Kubernetes Ingress controller. Ambassador Labs joins the steering committee of the new Envoy Gateway initiative alongside representatives from Envoy, Fidelity Investments, Tetrate, and VMware. An initial release of Envoy Gateway is scheduled for later this summer.

May 16, 2022 | 5 min read