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Ambassador Labs doubles down on Security & Docker Partnership

Boston, MA –June 21, 2023 — Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced new capabilities available across the company’s Kubernetes native solution offerings that simplify and secure developer workflows on-premises and in cloud environments. New Telepresence for Docker Compose extends the reach of Telepresence to empower Docker Compose users to collaborate and reduce complexities as they build, debug and route local-to-remote services for Kubernetes. New Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection and adherence to PCI DSS 6.6 compliance for the company’s flagship API gateway, Edge Stack, give developers an extra layer of security to protect externally visible web applications from malicious HTTP/S threat vectors. “We know that building apps on Kubernetes supports the developer ability to get software to market faster due to the sheer flexibility and scalability of the open source platform, but we also know it’s a maturing technology that comes with complexities,” said Steve Rodda, CEO at Ambassador Labs. “Since our inception, we have delivered solutions built on and for Kubernetes. We are committed to the developer experience and delivering innovative tools to market that support their ability to build, test and deploy software fast and efficiently. New WAF functionality for Edge Stack shows we take security very seriously and extending Telepresence to even more Docker users allows us to reach a wider developer audience with tools to address their Kubernetes app development challenges.” Reducing Friction - Accelerating Kubernetes Development Workflows

June 21, 2023 | 8 min read
Press Releases

GOSH Collaborates With Ambassador Labs to Assure Integrity of Docker Containers

June 6, 2023 — Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced a collaboration with GOSH, a decentralized blockchain development platform purpose-built for supply chain security and open source management. With a new integration of products, Ambassador Labs’ flagship Telepresence solution will work seamlessly with the GOSH AnyTree Firewall for Telepresence, adding an extra layer of security for Telepresence users by verifying the integrity of Docker containers as well as any changes made to them. Ambassador Labs is a technology company that builds developer infrastructure to help organizations of every size to adapt to the cloud world, with a mission to empower developers ship software faster. The company’s Telepresence solution accelerates collaborative development, debugging and testing on Kubernetes by connecting developers’ local machines to shared remote Kubernetes clusters, supporting faster time to market. “With the GOSH AnyTree Firewall integration, Telepresence users can be certain that their development process is more secure at every stage of the life cycle, from development to ship and everything in between,” said Steve Rodda, CEO of Ambassador Labs. “We’re excited to work with GOSH on this security capability. With the recent launch  of Telepresence for Docker, the GOSH AnyTree Firewall integration with Telepresence will deliver that extra security layer to user’s software supply chains.”

June 6, 2023 | 4 min read
Press Releases

Ambassador Labs Demonstrates Strong Business Momentum as Development Teams Seek Tools to Easily Manage Full App Lifecycle Across Kubernetes

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU, Boston, MA – April 18, 2023 – Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced strong momentum as development teams seek tools that foster collaboration and make it easy to code, ship and run applications faster in the cloud. A new strategic partnership with Docker, anchored by the launch of Telepresence for Docker and shareable Intercept Specification, delivers the first commercial local-to-remote services development and debugging tool for Kubernetes workflows. Recent capabilities available in the company’s flagship API gateway, Edge Stack, include additional OpenTelemetry observability support and a switch to non-blocking readiness checks, which improves performance at scale. These new capabilities will be showcased this week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe at Ambassador Labs booth #S7. Additionally, Ambassador Labs sponsors and participates in the world premiere of the Envoy Project Documentary, which will debut at the event on Thursday, April 20th. The film highlights Ambassador Labs’ role in the project and takes viewers into the origins and meteoric rise of Envoy and its path to becoming a game-changing technology used by hundreds of thousands of developers and companies across the globe. Go here to learn more. New Tools and Partnerships Accelerate the Developer Experience

April 18, 2023 | 5 min read