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Ambassador Delivers Best DevEx Through Flagship Innovations

November 6, 2023 | 5 min read

Meeting Developers Where They Are to Support Global Enterprise Kubernetes Adoption

KUBECON + CLOUD NATIVECON NA, November 06, 2023-- Ambassador Labs, the cloud-native Kubernetes development company, today announced from Kubecon NA 2023 a laser focus on their flagship offerings, Edge Stack API Gateway and Telepresence, and the value they deliver in supporting developer productivity tasked with managing the app lifecycle across enterprises.

Kubernetes has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity among experienced developers, driven by several factors including its extensibility and its ability to support a wide variety of tool ecosystems. In fact, 80% of developers have reported that their organizations are running Kubernetes clusters, according to DZone’s “2023 Kubernetes in the Enterprise” report.

It’s critical now more than ever to provide tooling and an ecosystem that truly meets those adept developers where they are already at as they manage full lifecycle applications across the enterprise. Ambassador Labs' latest releases of Edge Stack and Telepresence, aim to address just that.

“We’ve always understood the challenges Kubernetes presented to seasoned developers and we continue to champion a positive developer experience specifically with continual investments in our Kubernetes native toolset,” shares CEO Steve Rodda. “Now, with our products, we’re able to meet developers where they are at in terms of value, affordability, and in providing the relevant integrations to keep the developer experience a joyful one.”

The company’s flagship cloud-native offering, Edge Stack, is the industry’s most affordable and sole Kubernetes-centric API gateway solution that stands as the vanguard of secure traffic management and facilitates smoother transitions from design to deployment. Earlier this year, the company announced a New Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection capability that ensures PCI DSS 6.6 compliance, giving developers an extra layer of security to protect externally visible web applications from malicious HTTP/S threat vectors.

Empowering Even More Developers Across the Enterprise

Ambassador Labs' other core offering, Telepresence, boosts team productivity in the cloud and serves as the industry’s best available tool that bridges the gap between local and remote development within Kubernetes clusters. Earlier this year the company announced a Telepresence integration between Telepresence and both Docker and Docker Compose. The latest Telepresence integration, a plugin for JetBrains Marketplace, offers developers using the de facto integrated developer environment (IDE) easy access to the tools required to reduce complexities. These integrations; extend the benefits of Telepresence to reach millions of developers no matter where they are and reduce complexities as they build, debug, and route local-to-remote services for Kubernetes.

Speaking of meeting developers where they’re at, visit the Ambassador Labs Booth #O12 at Kubecon NA 2023 in Chicago this week if you would like to learn more about their new product features and offerings.


Ambassador Labs is more than just a cloud-native application development company. We are a catalyst for change in how enterprises design, deploy, and manage microservices on Kubernetes. The company’s flagship offerings - Edge Stack and Telepresence - are revolutionizing Kubernetes workflows to provide a better developer experience and meet developers where they are at. Edge Stack secures traffic management by providing cutting-edge API gateway capabilities. Telepresence bridges the gap between local development realms and remote Kubernetes clusters, simplifying the intricate infrastructure setups. Ambassador Labs drives transformation, ensuring a delightful developer experience with quicker, secure software delivery every step of the way. Founded in 2014, Ambassador Labs is remote-first and backed by top investors, including Insight Partners and Matrix Partners. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn.


Bailey DeCamillis

Communications Marketing Manager