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Kubernetes in the Enterprise: Uses, Trends, And Challenges

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Kubernetes technology dominates 92% of the global market share among container orchestration tools used by businesses, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Capturing the evolving trends and insights in this industry is no small task, and DZone goes to great lengths to research and cover the Kubernetes ecosystem each year.

As experts in Kubernetes, we're pleased to partner with that endeavor and offer the 2023 Kubernetes in the Enterprise Trend Report. Get your copy today to understand Kubernetes' core uses, emerging trends, and challenges facing Kubernetes developers for the upcoming year.

This report covers:

  • Kubernetes use cases

  • Most widely used container management tools

  • Kubernetes advantages & disadvantages

  • Kubernetes usage statistics

  • Developer pain points & challenges

  • The state of Kubernetes: Self-managed vs. managed platforms

  • The growing role of serverless in modern Kubernetes clusters

Download Trend Report

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Nashon Steffen

Staff Infrastructure Development Engineer | Mercedes-Benz