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Elevate Financial API Security & Performance

Edge Stack: Your Solution for Compliance and Efficiency

In the finance sector, API security isn't optional; it's essential. Edge Stack API Gateway is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of financial transactions and compliance standards, including PCI DSS V4.0. It's not just about adhering to regulations; it's about ensuring uninterrupted, secure service.


Upcoming Compliance Challenge: PCI DSS V4.0

By March 2025, PCI DSS V4.0 will require a proactive technical solution for public-facing web applications, a.k.a. a WAF.

Edge Stack API Gateway meets this upcoming mandate with a built-in WAF, offering a robust defense against web-based attacks, including DoS and DDoS threats. Stay ahead of compliance needs with Edge Stack API Gateway.

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Why Edge Stack as your API Gateway Solution?

Uncompromised Security

End-to-end encryption, advanced user access control, and real-time threat detection fortify your APIs against diverse cyber risks.

Scalability and Performance

Built for the immense transaction volumes in finance, Edge Stack Kubernetes API Gateway ensures smooth, scalable performance under any load.

Tailored Regulatory Compliance:

Customize Edge Stack to align with specific regulatory demands, ensuring your financial services remain compliant and efficient.

More than an API Gateway

Edge Stack is a comprehensive solution for orchestrating client and microservice interactions, centralizing requests for better efficiency and security. It's an essential shield against cyber threats, offering:

  • Robust Authentication: Secure your applications from unauthorized access.
  • Efficient Rate Limiting: Ensure service continuity with advanced rate limiting.
  • Cutting-Edge WAF: Customizable security rules for comprehensive protection.
  • Seamless TLS Integration: Automatic setup for data privacy.
  • Customizable Filters: Adapt and enhance security with built-in and tailored filters.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimize resource usage while optimizing operational costs. Efficient load balancing and routing prevent over-provisioning, reducing expenses

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