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Tech Talk: The Future of Open Source

There’s no doubt that the world of open source has stumbled across a variety of issues in recent years.

Many projects lack the basic funding to sustain despite being some of the world’s largest or most promising software initiatives. Maintainers are stressed out, start-ups are starting to rethink the open-source model entirely, and organizations that leverage OSS tools are left scrambling.

Join our next Tech Talk on June 5, 2024, at 12:30 pm CST, for a conversation with Tech Journalist and Nordic APIs' Editor in Chief, Bill Doerrfeld, and Ambassador’s VP of Engineering, Kenn Hussey.

Topics to be discussed:

  • The pros & cons of open source
  • The pros & cons of closed source
  • What lies ahead for the future of open source
  • Best practices for utilizing open source in an organization
  • How to choose what’s right for you
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Tech Talk: The future of Open Source
Bill Doerrfeld

Editor in Chief at Nordic APIs

Tech Talk: The Future of Open Source
Kenn Hussey

VP of Engineering at Ambassador