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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Speed, Scale, and Security

Choose an API Gateway Built for Modern Kubernetes Environments

Boost your tech stack with Edge Stack API Gateway: Achieve scalable performance and robust security seamlessly, while enhancing developer productivity and ensuring high application availability.

    Microservices are the technology architecture of business built for the future, and your API Gateway is at the center of it - connecting critical services within and outside of your company at home and abroad.

    If you’re using Kubernetes - the dominant microservices platform, it's imperative your Gateway operates seamlessly with it to ensure you have the power you need to develop and deploy at the speed of today’s business. Edge Stack ‌is the Kubernetes-native API gateway designed to streamline, secure, and scale your applications effortlessly.

    Organizations Benefiting from Kubernetes API Gateway

    Improve Technical ROI Across the Board

    • Scalable Performance

    Effortless scalability enables organizations to seamlessly grow and enhance their services without requiring extensive architectural modifications. Reduce the cost of your development efforts by driving real-time business outcomes to increase your return on investment across your tech stack.

    • Robust Security with Speed

    Enhanced speed and security, ensuring your applications remain available during high traffic loads with comprehensive security measures, including rate limiting, IP whitelisting, SSL, WAF, and more, to safeguard traffic effectively.

    • Ensure High Availability

    Maximize uptime with automatic retries, circuit breakers, and rate limiting; progressive releases ensure steady application delivery.

    • Increase Developer Satisfaction & Productivity

    Eliminate developer toil by providing an easy-to-use, cloud-native API Gateway tool that offers seamless integration into your Kubernetes tech stack. With Edge Stack, no additional plugins or extra infrastructure are required to succeed and you can integrate with ease with a variety of tools.

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