Open Source Ambassador API Gateway

Route traffic to your Kubernetes services with the most popular Envoy Proxy-based Kubernetes Ingress Controller and API Gateway.

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Comprehensive, Easy-To-Use, and Proven

Built on the Envoy Proxy

Envoy Proxy enables sophisticated traffic management capabilities , such as load balancing, circuit breakers, rate limits, and automatic retries.

Uses Kubernetes CRDs

A declarative, self-service model built on Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) enable continuous delivery workflows.

Independent and Integrated

The Ambassador API Gateway integrates with observability, distributed tracing, and service mesh solutions.

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CASE STUDY: Ticketmaster

"Ambassador is a great productivity tool, and provides a single point of reference for all of our services. We’ve also saved a lot of money and complexity since we’ve eliminated many of our ELBs. Ambassador has been very stable and robust for our needs."

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The Ambassador Edge Stack is a complete superset of the Ambassador API Gateway and includes additional functionality. Learn the differences between the two.

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