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Help build the developer-first Kubernetes future

Join us to help dev teams take charge of the cloud

Ambassador Labs builds Kubernetes-native productivity solutions - Telepresence and Edge Stack - and we want your help.

Designed to empower developers to safely design, build, test, deploy, and maintain applications with speed, frequency, and simplicity, we're a company built for and by developers to tame the possibilities of cloud-native technologies.

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The cloud-native future is in your hands

What do you want to build today? If you're always thinking about creative, innovative ways to make developers' jobs easier, reduce developer cognitive load, and help development teams get their software into the hands of users faster, you will fit right in at Ambassador Labs.

Explore our benefits and perks

In addition to shaping the future of developer-first Kubernetes productivity tools, Ambassador Labs offers a whole host of benefits as a global, remote-first team that favors speed, boldness, and transparency.

Our Values

PURSUE the truth

We constantly work to understand what’s actually going on, and we communicate openly what we understand. We distinguish between facts and opinion, and, as a team, we pursue the truth.

Embrace a GROWTH mindset

We believe that people grow to be great and aren’t born great. We want to help you constantly improve and get better.


Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We play to win, and we lead from the front. We want to make the pie bigger, and not just get a bigger slice of the pie.

EMPATHIZE with users

We want to feel what our users feel, so that we solve their problems in a way that will delight them. Solving a problem in a frustrating way is not what we want our users to feel.

Do and TEACH

We don’t just do things, we want to teach what we learn and share with our customers and each other. The two are equally important.

Make SPEED a habit

Making speed a habit is not just about doing things quickly. It's about fostering a culture and mindset that values efficiency, innovation, and agility.

Built on Open Source

Emissary-ingress and Telepresence are CNCF open source projects that are 100% compatible with Kubernetes.

Trusted by 10,000+ organizations

Ambassador Labs solutions are trusted by organizations of all sizes.

Over 10,000 GitHub stars received

Our commitment to open source projects is recognized within the developer community.

More than 9,400 Slack members

Our Slack channel serves as a thriving hub for collaboration, sharing, and support.

Join us on our mission to empower developers ship software faster in the cloud.