Meet The Ambassador Labs Leadership Team

Ambassador Labs (previously Datawire) is guided by thought leaders who know Kubernetes, advised by the best business and technical advisors, and led by a seasoned management team.

Thought Leaders

Ambassador Labs team members speak at key industry conferences including QCON, Kubecon, O'Reilly Velocity, O'Reilly Software Architecture, HashiConf, and ApacheCon. In addition, the Ambassador Labs team also speaks at functional conferences such as Inbound, Gartner, and Marketing Profs.

Daniel Bryant

Product Architect l Top 100 Dev-Ops Influencer

Topics: Software Architecture, Cloud Native Technologies, DevOps, API Gateways, Service Mesh, and Java


Principal Engineer

Topics: Building an Edge Control Plane with Kubernetes and Envoy, Service meshes, API gateways, Ambassador, Kubernetes, Building a Dev/Test Loop for a Kubernetes Edge Gateway with Envoy Proxy

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

SVP Engineering

Topics: Engineering Leadership, Hyper-Growth of Engineering Organizations, How to Scale Systems Architecturally & Operationally, GitOps & SlackOps for Happy Engineers, The Real Way to Make Agile Work, How Designers & Engineers Work Together

Alex Gervais

Senior Software Engineer

Topics: Serverless, DevOps, GitOps, and Observability

Noah Krause

Support Engineer

Topics: How to Use Ambassador and Consul to get End-to-End TLS Throughout your Entire Datacenter

Richard Li

CEO and Founder

Topics: Future of API Gateways, Demystifying Kubernetes and Gateways, Business Case for Kubernetes, Microservices Architectures

Rafael Schloming


Topics: Telepresence, Rapidly Updating Microservices, Bottoms-Up Adoption of a Microservices Workflow Using Kubernetes & Envoy, Developing Resilient Microservices with Kubernetes and Envoy

Luke Shumaker

Systems Engineer

Topics: Telepresence

John Esmet

Principal Engineer

Topics: Envoy, DevOps, Kubernetes, Distributed Systems

Business and Technical Advisors

Ambassador Labs' advisors are leaders in business and Kubernetes

Corey Thomas

Board Advisor

Chairman and CEO, Rapid7

Gene Kim

Technical Advisor

Author, Researcher, Speaker, Director, DevOps Enthusiast

Matt Klein

Technical Advisor

Plumber, Envoy Proxy Founder

Philine Huizing

Board Advisor

Vice President, Insight Partners

Management Team

Our management team has successfully built over 20 companies combined from early A rounds to IPO or acquisition. The management team combines deep technical experience in Kubernetes with business operations excellence. The team is comfortable shifting between the world of open source and commercial software enabling us to support all our users and customers.

Richard Li

CEO and Co-Founder

Rafael Schloming


Bjorn Freeman-Benson

SVP Engineering

Candace Lee

Head of People