Continuous Delivery and Progressive Delivery for Kubernetes

Weekly Learning Activities ✅

In this second month of Summer of Kubernetes, you'll learn how to "ship" by continuously deploying a series of sample applications into a Kubernetes cluster. You'll also explore the differences between CI, CD, and progressive delivery. In the coming weeks, you get hands-on experience with popular open source tools such as Argo CD and Argo Rollouts. And you'll also get chance to learn from a very special guest in week 3! On Monday of each week we will publish detailed content for that week's learning activities. Sign up via Slack or email to be notified when each week's learning challenges are released!

Sample challenges

Intro to Continuous Delivery (CD) and GitOps

  • Understand the basics of continuous delivery and GitOps
  • Learn about how K8s enables declarative CD (via the use of reconciliation loops)
See the week 1 challenges

Deploy Apps with ArgoCD

  • Learn about tooling options for implementing CD within Kubernetes
  • Deploy a sample application to Kubernetes continuously using ArgoCD
See the week 2 challenges

Progressive Delivery and Canary Releases with Argo Rollouts

  • Understand what progressive delivery is, and how is differs from CD
  • Understand blue/green deployments and when to use them
  • Understand canary deployments and when to use them
  • Implement a canary rollout of a sample application into Kubernetes using Argo Rollouts
See the week 3 challenges

Combining ArgoCD and Argo Rollouts

  • Understand options for integrating the Argo projects into your workflow
  • Conduct a rollout of a sample application via the CLI, just YAML, and via Ambassador DCP
See the week 4 challenges

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You can join the program at any time and at any point during the summer. All content is recorded and posted online so you review and participate at your own pace. But to win weekly prizes, you must submit your results by certain deadlines.

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