Integrate service mesh and K8s API gateways effectively: Best practices for Istio, Linkerd, and Emissary-Ingress

Do you currently use a service mesh and are experiencing difficulty in managing your API gateway or K8s ingress solution? Are you planning on using a service mesh and need to ensure you have a complementary gateway solution to ensure that you have end-to-end reliability, observability, and security for your user’s requests?

Managing both ingress (north-south) and service-to-service (east-west) traffic within Kubernetes can be challenging. Although many service mesh implementations include a gateway to manage ingress traffic, these are often not production-ready for running at scale or require customization to implement essential features such as traffic splitting, authentication, or TLS/SNI support.

Accordingly, it is a best practice to implement a separate gateway and service mesh for managing north-south and east-west traffic, but it can be challenging to effectively integrate the two technologies.

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