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The cloud native developer experience is about speed, reliability, efficiency and ease of use

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The goal of every software development team is to build and ship more and better features to their end users – faster and more frequently. To make this a reality, a great developer experience is essential.

The developer experience is about creating an environment that makes it easy for developers to build, test, and deploy software quickly and efficiently.

Telepresence: Enabling Good Developer Experience between Local and Remote Dev Environments

Telepresence: Bridge the gap between remote and local

Telepresence is a cloud native developer productivity tool that bridges the gap between developers' typical local development environment and remote Kubernetes clusters.

Designed for developers who need to ship their applications into remote clusters but still need to code, test, and debug services locally, Telepresence makes remote clusters local to let developers continue working with their own workflows with the tools they know best.

How Does Telepresence Support Good Developer Experience?

Telepresence gives developers rapid feedback, visibility into other services without having to run them on their own local machine and productivity gains. No more spinning up whole clusters for each developer, which is expensive and can quickly get out of date. Telepresence does the heavy lifting instead, letting development teams work together, sharing code using preview links to test the code and catch issues early.

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Telepresence supports good developer experience by:

  • Creating fast feedback loops
  • Supporting developer productivity
  • Enabling development team collaboration
  • Letting developers focus on the things that matter (coding, testing, iterating)
  • Reducing time spent on tasks that don't add value (repetitive tasks, waiting for the build/push/test cycle to be completed)

Making the remote local with Telepresence is one big way to improve the developer experience while achieving one of the promises of cloud native development:  faster development and faster speed to delivery.

Kickstart a Better Developer Experience with Telepresence

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