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Telepresence and Service Preview

Fast, local development for Kubernetes.

Telepresence (OSS)

Set up a two-way network proxy from your live cluster to your local code changes and use your favorite debugger or other tools.

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Service Preview Builds on Telepresence

Multiple developers can preview their own iterations instantly in isolation before merging them into a shared staging environment.

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Shorten Inner Dev Loop

Test and iterate on code changes instantly, instead of waiting for your deployment cycle.

Lower Maintenance

Avoid maintenance associated with duplicated environments. (Service Preview Only)

Debug Locally with Favorite Tools

Debug your Kubernetes service locally and use your favorite code editor, debugger, profiler, or other tools.

Use Realistic Dev Environments

Use a shared dev environment to test changes rather than emulators or duplicated environments. (Service Preview Only)

Telepresence is Open Source

Originally developed by Ambassador Labs (Datawire), Telepresence is now a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.


Service Preview in the Ambassador Edge Stack

Service Preview leverages Telepresence and the fine-grained layer 7 routings available with the Ambassador Edge Stack.

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