Improve productivity by 50%

Accelerate speed and collaboration of your teams' Kubernetes Development by seamlessly joining your local environments to a remote K8s cluster

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Faster Kubernetes Development with Telepresence

Improve Developer Experience

Standardize development practices across your entire team

  • Eliminate the need for complex infrastructure setup and maintenance.
  • Share development environments using secured preview URLs with a teammate for pair programming.
  • Query remote cluster resources and experiment rapidly with additional services in real-time.

Quicker Feedback Loop

Spend less time building, containerizing, and deploying code

  • Developers get immediate feedback on their code changes without waiting for the time-consuming process of building, containerizing, and deploying.
  • Telepresence enables faster development iterations, enabling the catching of bugs before production and, ultimately, faster time-to-market for your products.

Speed up K8s development

Free up 50% of a developer’s time from manual tasks

  • Maintain existing local development, build, and debugging workflows.
  • Streamline development and stakeholder review cycles.
  • Consolidate multiple personal development clusters or VMs into a single shared remote cluster, reducing cloud costs and maintenance efforts.

Catch Bugs Before Production

Shift testing left

  • Connect local applications and services to remote dependencies, enabling developers to test their laptop in the remote cluster.
  • Improve the quality of applications deployed into production and reduce the change failure rate.

3 Easy Steps to Speed up Kubernetes Development

Connect your local machine to the remote Kubernetes cluster

This action makes it possible for you to access the services in the remote Kubernetes cluster as if they were running locally on your computer and also reroute remote traffic to your local services. This way, if your application is too big or complex to run on your computer, you can still develop it locally.

Re-route traffic by creating “intercepts”

Create an “intercept” to reroute the traffic intended for the service in the remote Kubernetes cluster to the service running on your local machine, with just a few clicks.

Preview and share your changes before deploying

After every intercept, a secured URL is generated by Ambassador Cloud, showing the results of your local code interacting with its remote dependencies. Any updates made locally will instantly show up, and this secured URL can be shared with your teammates for collaborative development and debugging.  Once you and the reviewer are satisfied with the code changes, go ahead and deploy!

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