Infinite-Scale Development Environments for Kubernetes Teams

Eliminate resource constraints to ship code faster on Kubernetes.

With Telepresence & Ambassador Cloud, Kubernetes development teams ship fixes faster together.

  • Infinite-Scale Development Environments
  • Instant Feedback Loops
  • Highly Customizable Development Environments
  • Scalable Processes for Real-Time Collaboration

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Install Telepresence and intercept your first Kubernetes microservice.

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Personal Intercepts

Route traffic to a copy of your cloud service running on your local machine to iterate on services without impacting other developers.

Cloud Dashboard

Easily track services, their viewers, and preview links in your cloud dashboard.

Preview URLS

Share development environments with teammates for easy collaboration by sending an automatically generated preview URL.


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Ambassador Cloud is free for teams of any size.

With our free tier, an unlimited number of developers in an organization can use Telepresence to collaborate and develop rapidly on up to five personal intercepts.

A New Architecture for Telepresence 2

Telepresence 2 Illustration

Telepresence 2 is architected for Kubernetes development teams. When we built Telepresence 2, we split the monolithic proxy in Telepresence 1 into two components, the traffic agent and traffic manager.

The traffic agent is a sidecar injected onto the service, which lets us do more intelligent routing, supporting multi-user cases.

The traffic manager is a persistent proxy that always runs in your cluster. This improves performance (you don’t need to redeploy it every time) and reliability (there’s a persistent process to connect to).

Today, Telepresence 2 Is written purely in Go, taking advantage of the broader ecosystem of Kubernetes/Go libraries, versus Python.

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Telepresence 2 Illustration

Powered by open source.

Powered by the CNCF Telepresence project, Ambassador makes developers more productive on Kubernetes by offering additional features for collaboration across teams as well as a cloud dashboard for managing services.

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