Delivery Accelerator

Delivery Accelerator is the fastest way to Support Version 0 in a Kubernetes Environment.

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Delivery Accelerator - The Fastest Way to Get to Version 0

  • Micro CD Pipeline - Quickly build and deploy containers directly from GitHub code. Built using the open-source Kaniko project from Google.
  • Progressive Delivery - Once in production, use the API Gateway canary traffic management to slowly shunt traffic into the new feature
  • Integration with CD platforms- Streamline CI/CD by integration Ambassador with CI/CD solutions like Jenkins X for advanced microservices

Stand Up Version 0 Sooner

The MicroCD Pipeline feature enables developers to stand up a version 0 by building and deploying containers directly from GitHub code. For simple, low-risk microservices that do not require the oversight and procedures that a CI/CD solution provides (ex: seasonal services for marketing), teams can continue to use the MicroCD Pipeline.

Streamline Deployments with Integration with CI/CD Solutions

Once you confirm the infrastructure and make progress on improving the microservice, switch to using a CI/CD solution such as Jenkins X with Ambassador.

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Get Started Using the Ambassador Edge Stack

The Ambassador Edge Stack is a complete superset of the Ambassador API Gateway and includes additional functionality including authentication, rate-limiting, and developer productivity. The community edition is available at no additonal cost.

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