Building a Kubernetes Platform

Expert guides to Kubernetes and best practices for building a cloud native SDLC

Going cloud native isn’t just about installing Kubernetes -- you need to consider the full software development lifecycle. We’ve worked with cloud native experts to give you actionable guidance on building a cloud-native SDLC, so your organization can ship software faster.

Featuring Advice from:

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Current SVP Engineering @ Ambassador Labs
Former SVP Engineering @ New Relic & InVision

Matt Klein

Creator of Envoy, Current Software Engineer@ Lyft
Former Software Engineer @ Twitter

Daniel Bryant

Current Product Architect @ Ambassador Labs
Former Chief Scientist @ OpenCredo

Nic Jackson

Developer Advocate @ Hashicorp

Paris Apostolopoulos

Java Champion and Cloud Engineer

Cloud Native and Your Organization

Why Cloud Native?

Understand the benefits of cloud native to determine if its right for your organization

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Enabling Full Cycle Development

Understand the four core capabilities your cloud native platform needs in order to enable full cycle development

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How to Build Your Cloud Native Tech Stack

Building a Kubernetes Platform

Create your cloud native platform with Kubernetes, continuous delivery pipelines, an edge stack, and an observability stack.

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Other Resources

Testing Microservices and Building Cloud Platforms

Matt Klein, creator of Envoy and Software Engineer at Lyft, discusses his microservice testing strategies and offers guidance on building effective platforms and deployment enviornments.

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Cloud Native Platforms and Developer Tooling

A conversation about modern "cloud native" platforms and developer tooling with Nic Jackson, Developer Advocate at Hashicorp

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Developers Getting Closer to Production and Cloud Specialists

Java Developer and Cloud Engineer, Paris Apostolopoulos discusses container technologies and the benefits that come with developers getting closer to production.

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Kubernetes Tooling DX, GitOps, and the Cluster API

Katie Gamanji, Cloud Platform Engineer at American Express and TOC member of the CNCF, discusses the building blocks of developer experience related to interacting with Kubernetes clusters.

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Developer Experience, PaaS, and Testing in Production

Kelsey Hightower, technologist at Google, discusses his thought on cloud developer experience, modern Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and explores the reality that every organisation is testing in production

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Read the whitepaper

A complete walk through of what cloud native means for your organization and how to implement it through your tech stack.


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Ambassador supports organizations adopting Kubernetes. Despite its overwhelming popularity, many of the core principles of adopting Kubernetes are poorly documented, scattered in many different places, and tribal knowledge. Kubernetes and cloud-native is a huge shift in how software is built and shipped. We want to give architects, SREs, infrastructure engineers, and other pathfinders leading the way into this brave new world a set of waypoints.

Importantly, we’re not looking to supplant excellent tutorials such as Kubernetes The Hard Way. We’re working with experts who’ve done this before to share their hard-earned knowledge. We will be adding to these guides regularly, so if you’re interested, sign up for email updates from us when we publish new guides.

Email us at if there are any topics that you’ve encountered that you’d like for us to cover.

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