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Learn at your own pace with access to expert mentors and a community of learners

Kubernetes learning Center

What better way is there to learn Kubernetes than getting hands on right away?

The Kubernetes Learning Center is designed specifically for application developers and uses popular, open source tools to rapidly help ramp up the learning experience.

Here's everything you need to get started with concepts and hands-on basics that will help you safely ship your apps faster.

What You’ll Get

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    Learn at your own pace!
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    Hands-on experience with containers & Kubernetes
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    Exposure to popular CNCF Open Source tools
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    Access to expert mentors and a community of learners - Join at any time > Slack Community
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    Set up your Kubernetes workflow in minutes, try Ambassador Cloud for free
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Learn from the Experts

The most effective learning is hands-on and supported by the experience and insight of experts. Get access to our Kubernetes experts to boost your knowledge and get your questions answered.

Daniel Bryant
Daniel Bryant
Head of Developer Relations
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Edidiong Asikpo
Edidiong Asikpo
Developer Advocate
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Kay James
Kay James
Associate Customer Engineer
Casey Kurosawa
Casey Kurosawa
Solutions Architect