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Kubernetes learning Center
K8s in 8_Hero

Complete 8 simple challenges to learn how you can use Ambassador Cloud to Code, Ship, and Run your Kubernetes (K8s) services

  • Make a local code change against a remote K8s cluster and share a preview with your team
  • Create an Edge Stack Mapping to ship your code and publish your API externally
  • Add K8s annotations to document critical run-time metadata within your team's Service Catalog
  • And everything else needed to build faster and ship safer as a team with K8s
iphone 14

Take the challenge for a chance to win an iPhone 14, a Pluralsight subscription, and other prizes.

Accelerate application development

We are the makers of CNCF projects Telepresence and Emissary-ingress with the mission to help developers ship software faster in the cloud.

Kubernetes for Developers


Do you want to learn Kubernetes? Get hands-on experience for app developers

Learn Kubernetes at your own pace and get hands-on use of cloud native open source tools and help from experts and the wider community of users.

Platform engineering solutions to adopt Kubernetes

Platform Engineer

Do you want to empower your developer teams with hands-on Kubernetes experience?

Platform engineering teams can introduce tools that give developers a paved path to Kubernetes app development.

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The most effective learning is hands-on and supported by the experience and insight of experts. Get access to our Kubernetes experts to boost your knowledge and get your questions answered.

Daniel Bryant
Daniel Bryant
Head of Developer Relations
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Edidiong Asikpo
Edidiong Asikpo
Developer Advocate
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Kay James
Associate Customer Engineer
Casey Kurosawa
Casey Kurosawa
Solutions Architect