The Ambassador Edge Stack is a family of products that provides a comprehensive solution for your Kubernetes edge needs. The family contains the Edge Stack API Gateway, Developer Portal, and Service Preview.

API Gateway

The Edge Stack API Gateway takes the capabilities of the Ambassador API Gateway and adds authentication and security among other capabilities. The Edge Stack API Gateway includes:

Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Edge Management

Traffic Management

Service Mesh

Security and Authentication

Delivery Accelerator

With the Delivery Accelerator, teams can rapidly build version 0 and eliminate friction in the inner and outer development loops to deliver business value sooner.

Service Preview

MicroCD Pipeline

Integration with CI/CD

Developer Portal

The Ambassador Edge Stack includes an API catalog, Swagger/OpenAPI documentation support, and a fully customizable developer portal.

Developer Portal

API Gateway Modules and Features

Delivery Acclerator Modules and Features

Developer Portal Modules and Features