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"Ambassador seemed like the only solution that makes dynamically adding routes easy and the fact that I can do that just by creating a service and annotating it is awesome! Without Ambassador I don’t know how we would have easily made all the different web services comprising Kubeflow available to users."

Jeremy Lewi

Software Engineer, Google Kubeflow

"Ever since the inception of Kubernetes, we’ve witnessed a community of ideas coming together and evolving best practices. Ambassador is one of the building blocks we adopted and are proud to be contributing to."

Alexandre Gervais

Staff Software Engineer, AppDirect

"Regarding Ambassador, all I hear around our company is pure joy."

Carlos Yakimov

Solutions Architect, Falabella

"Ambassador provides a simple, decentralized way of managing Envoy files through annotations which allows us to declare the state of the routing tier directly to code and simplify the dev-ops process"

Christopher Lane

Enterprise Architect, Chick-Fil-A
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