Free Kubernetes Developer Tools

Get started sooner and remove friction from your
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Kubernetes developer tools.

K8s Initializer

Bootstrap networking, ingress, and observability in a new Kubernetes cluster in just 5 clicks.

To effectively build, test, and release cloud native applications, engineers need an application-ready Kubernetes cluster that allows them to route test traffic to observable services. Often this type of environment is custom configured as needed or manually bootstrapped, which creates unnecessary friction. The K8s Initializer eliminates these bottlenecks and empowers engineers with a self-service web-based interface to set up a Kubernetes cluster.


Set up a two-way network proxy from your live cluster to your local code changes.

The developer experience needs to be as frictionless as possible and slow iterations for remote debugging/development is a challenge that frustrates many Kubernetes developers. Telepresence addresses this challenge by allowing developers to view local code changes as if they are live in the cluster through a two-way network proxy.

Telepresence is now a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project.

Automatic TLS

Set up automatic Kubernetes TLS on a unique domain in minutes.

Setting up Kubernetes TLS requires you to gain access to your organization's domain (which can take months) and manage ongoing certificates. Ambassador Edge Stack is the easiest way to get Kubernetes Ingress TLS configured. Edge Stack includes everything you need: a certificate manager, a certificate, and most importantly, a temporary domain pre-configured to get you up and running.