Our Story

The Move to Microservices

Organizations are moving to microservices with more frequent releases using smaller, more agile teams to build better applications. Freed from waiting for monolithic code releases, developers are using microservices to build, test and release code constantly. In addition to increasing the speed of releases, microservice adoption has also enabled developers to actually own the services being delivered and hence the business objective. Developers, given an application goal, can iterate through multiple build, test and deploy cycles to meet the goal. The result is better applications that are more attuned to business needs and are delivered in a faster manner.

Developer Self-Service

To accomplish these rapid code deployments, developer self-service is required. Developer self-service is the ability for developers to build and deploy services in a self sufficient manner, but in compliance with centralized operational guidelines. Leading development teams around the world practice developer self service to deliver superior applications at breakneck speeds.

Datawire is Formed

Founded in 2014, Datawire is leading the way for producing the tools necessary to support developer self-service. Our open-source Ambassador API Gateway and Ambassador Edge Stack are the most popular Kubernetes edge applications. Datawire is backed by top tier venture capital firms, including Trinity, Matrix, and the Four Rivers Group. Our leadership team has a history of building and scaling successful companies such as Rapid 7, Duo Security, New Relic, Dell and NetApp. We attract the world's best engineers who are excited to work some of the most challenging engineering problems in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Headquartered in Boston, Datawire has additional locations in Portland, Montreal, and London.