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We help developers build better software

The world is shifting to cloud native architectures and this transforms how software is being built. Developers need to adopt new patterns and tools to code, ship, and run software in modern cloud environments. We’re accelerating this shift by putting the first-ever cloud native developer control plane in the hands of every developer and at the heart of every company. And we need your help to accomplish this mission.

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Open source FTW

All our technologies are built entirely around open source projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem. This includes top projects we’ve authored and donated, like Emissary-ingress and Telepresence. With 150+ contributors and 7,000+ combined Github stars, our products are being used by tens of thousands of startups and enterprises worldwide.

Benefits and Perks

Originally founded in Boston, our company has evolved into a global, remote-first team that favors speed, boldness, and transparency.

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Work as a remote-first team

We’re a globally distributed team and believe that you should be able to do your best work from wherever you are. That said, we setup our employees access to co-working spaces as needed.

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Contribute to open source

Looking to contribute to open source projects or help the communities around them? Our company is built on it! From top projects like Emissary-ingress to our online Slack community to events like Dev House, you’ll have a chance to work closely with our developer community, no matter what team you’re on.

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Speak at industry conferences

We encourage and support our team to speak at notable industry conferences and Meetups around the world. Our devrel and engineering teams track conferences year-round and makes it easy for you to apply, prepare, and deliver great talks.

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Work at a well-run startup

Ambassador Labs is building a company that has no politics, no all-nighters, and is family-friendly, inclusive, and supportive. Startups have bad and good aspects attached to their reputation and we're working hard and consciously to pick just the good stuff up. We attribute this to our mature leadership team, having built incredible companies (e.g. Invision, New Relic, Rapid7, Auth0, Buffer) and awarded Best CEO and Best Company Leadership awards.

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Learn, grow, and get promoted

We invest in growing people. We created the Associate Customer Engineer (ACE) program to invest in entry-level graduates roles. We offer learning opportunities like CKAD for the DevRel and engineering teams, and the competitive growth program, Reforge, for marketing. Our leadership team are also accessible: our VPs holds regular office hours that anyone can book, and our CEO brings in executive coaches to coach team members. We are excited to share that we have promoted 20% of the company.

Get Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance

We are creating a company that is enduring, sustainable, and thoughtful. Work is evaluated by execution, not by the hours spent on Slack. We have a flexible time off policy in addition to national holidays. We bake in 1-2 week cooldown periods in engineering and marketing for big picture thinking, strategy setting, and planning. With our global distributed presence, we have communication designations to respect all the time zones.

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Be a part of a psychologically safe culture

This is a hard one to 'show' but we run a psychologically safe culture. We are encouraged to air out challenges as part of our weekly reflections. Two, if not many, minds are better than one and so we talk about challenges on a weekly basis and our 1x1s. Our department heads meet bi-monthly to talk through challenges, throw out ideas and actions to help overcome these challenges.

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Make an impact

We achieve BIG goals with time-boxed experiments. We believe in shipping lots of ideas in a short period of time (6 week time-boxed shipments in engineering and generally 1-2 weeks across other parts of the organization like marketing) and either failing quickly or moving on to the next iteration. You will feel the depths of your impact at lightning speed.

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Join a fast-growing space with incredible market opportunity

Cloud native development is not a solved problem. We're pioneering a new way of work for both small and large development teams that enables developers to rapidly code, test, ship, and run software. 5.6M developers are using kubernetes today, a 67% increase just in the last year! We are excited about the impact we've made with some of our commercial customers including State Street Bank, NetApp, PTC, BlackRock, Wal-Mart, and much more.

Meet some of our team

We’re a diverse group from around the world with different backgrounds and interests. Here are some of our stories:

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