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We Help Developers Build Better Software

The world is shifting to cloud native architectures and this transforms how software is being built. Developers need to adopt new patterns and tools to code, ship, and run software in modern cloud environments. We’re accelerating this shift by putting the first-ever cloud native Developer Control Plane in the hands of every developer and at the heart of every company. And we need your help to accomplish this mission.

Open Source FTW

All our technologies are built entirely around open source projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem. This includes top projects we’ve authored and donated, like Emissary-ingress and Telepresence. With 150+ contributors and 7,000+ combined Github stars, our products are being used by tens of thousands of startups and enterprises worldwide.

Open source
OSS LAUNCHAmbassador Telepresence
SERIES A18M Funding
Growth3x revenue -20 to 40 employees
EMISSARY-INGRESSFormerly Ambassador is now a CNCF incubating project

How We Work Together

Originally founded in Boston, our company has evolved into a remote-first team that favors speed, boldness, and transparency. We believe you should be able to do your best work from anywhere that makes you happiest while using the best tools and technologies to stay connected and productive. But don’t worry, we still get to see one another in-person at conferences, Meetups, our Boston office, team offsites, and on the road while visiting customers.

How we work - zoom
How we work - Team

Because of our open source roots, we’ve adopted a growth mindset by empathizing with our users and teaching them how to be successful with cloud native technologies along the way. This, coupled with a loose adoption of Basecamp’s Shape-Up approach, has influenced how we structured our product releases into 8-week cycles (6 weeks building + a 2-week cooldown), all while sustaining a culture of failsafe engineering and operational excellence.

We’re continually tuning how we work but if this sounds like an environment where you’ll thrive, we’d love to hear from you.

  • How we work - Team
  • How we work - Team
  • How we work - Team
  • How we work - Team
  • How we work - Team

Meet Your Future Team

We’re a diverse group from around the world with different backgrounds and interests. Here are some of our stories:

  • Proudest moment so far:After debugging a customer issue while on-call, they ended up signing a contract, citing the support they received during their incident.
    Alix Cook
    Alix CookSenior Engineer
    New York City
  • What I enjoy outside of work:Physical labor - building cars, hard landscaping. I hate gyms.
    Matt Turner
    Matt TurnerDirector, Solutions Engineering
  • Favorite part of our culture:How everyone helps each other to be successful.
    Alice Wasko
    Alice WaskoSupport Engineer
  • Favorite part of our culture:Working with interesting people on different teams across the company while learning different aspects of our business.
    Cindy Mullins
    Cindy MullinsCommunity Manager
  • Proudest moment so far:Making significant contributions to many product launches.
    Alex Gervais
    Alex GervaisPrincipal Engineer
  • What I enjoy outside of work:Golf, my cat Mochi, video games.
    Casey Kurosawa
    Casey KurosawaSolutions Engineer
  • Favorite part of our culture:Co-workers who are always willing to answer questions, regardless of how senior that person may be.
    Kate Packard
    Kate PackardMarketing Specialist
    Rhode Island
  • Favorite part of our culture:The high level of respect among colleagues and the well-established meritocracy.
    Thomas Hallgren
    Thomas HallgrenSenior Principal Engineer
  • Favorite part of our culture:A strong focus towards experimentation, which results in rapid learning.
    Daniel Bryant
    Daniel BryantDirector, Developer Relations
    United Kingdom
  • What I enjoy outside of work:Tinkering on my home lab - I've been trying to get IoT devices into Kubernetes.
    Jose Cortes
    Jose CortesSenior Engineer

Unique Benefits

Besides a competitive salary, startup equity, paid time off, and health insurance, the Ambassador Labs team has access to some unique benefits and perks, including:

Work as a remote-first team

We’re a globally distributed team and believe that you should be able to do your best work from wherever you are. That said, our Boston headquarters office is available for teams to gather and meet when needed.

Contribute to Open Source

Looking to contribute to open source projects or help the communities around them? Our company is built on it! From top projects like Emissary-ingress to our online Slack community to events like Ambassador Fest, you’ll have a chance to work closely with our developer community no matter what team you’re on.

Speak at industry conferences

We encourage and support our team to speak at notable industry conferences and Meetups around the world. Our marketing team tracks conferences year-round and makes it easy for you to apply, prepare, and deliver great talks.

Get exclusive, Edgy-themed swag

Our team is equipped with all sorts of limited-edition swag that features Edgy, our company mascot.

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