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Our Commitment to Advance Diversity and Inclusion

We strongly believe that Datawire’s success is dependent on hiring a diverse team. Diversity means a broader spectrum of opinions, ways of working and approaches - we feel this is crucial to helping us drive creativity, innovation and make better decisions!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower developers to own the services they deliver. Read our story.

More interested in our technical direction? Watch CEO Richard Li's presentation from QCON London.

Core Values

We live and work by these values everyday. We’re building products to empower people to own the work they deliver and at the same time, become better, faster and stronger as a team. Given a clear vision, more autonomy and a supportive platform, we are helping businesses change the world, one microservice at a time.

Solve Real Customer Problems 🔍

We work to understand the customer problem, and work ceaselessly to solve their problem. We do this repeatedly to earn and keep their trust. Our customers should be so delighted that they will tell others about us.

Bias Towards Purposeful, Rapid Action 🎇

Purposeful. Each action should have a purpose.

Rapid. We want to build systems and strategies that let us move rapidly.

Action. We learn more by executing than anything else.

Guided by Truth, not Ego 📚

Getting to the right answer is much more important than being right.

We understand that the right answer may emerge over time. So we act on the information we have today, but continue to learn from our actions so that our next set of actions are better, as we constantly seek the truth.

Teach 👩🏻‍🏫

We want to share our knowledge to help our colleagues grow and succeed. The best metric of success is not your personal success, but your ability to help others succeed.

We’re educating the world about how software is changing; this requires teachers.

True mastery of material comes when you can teach it to others.

Have Fun while Working Hard 🌈

Building something big is hard work.

We want people who enjoy working hard on interesting and challenging problems.


We want people to flourish at Datawire. You do great work when you are feeling your best. Here are a few benefits we offer our team members.

Health Benefits

Medical, Dental and Vision

Globally Distributed Team

Across 5 Countries

Speak at Trainings and Conferences

Our team members speak at high profile conferences like KubeCon.


Own a piece of the pie

Mother's Room

On-site and available all day, every day.

Commuter Benefits

Pre-tax commuter benefits.

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