About Us

Our mission is to help developers ship software faster in the cloud.

Ambassador Labs is a technology company that builds developer infrastructure that help organizations of every size to adapt to the cloud world. Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide use our software to develop and run their cloud infrastructure.

Developer infrastructure
# of developers using Kubernetes

We’re only starting the cloud journey

Cloud-first businesses have disrupted traditional markets from advertising (Facebook, Google) to transportation (Uber, Flexport) to entertainment (Netflix, Spotify). Yet, we’re still early in the cloud journey, with 5.6 million developers using Kubernetes today. That’s only 31% of all backend developers — but that number is growing at hypersonic speed.

From startups to the world’s largest companies around the world

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The Developer Control Plane

Ambassador integrates the most popular developer infrastructure into a single workflow so that any developer can rapidly code, ship, and run cloud-native applications.


Ambassador Cloud

We provide an easy-to-use workflow that integrates the different pieces of infrastructure that are used by modern cloud organizations.


We maintain the popular open source projects Telepresence and Emissary-ingress, and are contributors to others such as Argo and Envoy Proxy. These projects are widely adopted by millions of developers.

State-of-the-art … everywhere

We’re building state-of-the-art software -- and this attitude about state-of-the-art applies to every aspect of our business. We’ve built a team of experts on product-led growth and constantly look for opportunities to use the latest technologies to help our business.


Ambassador Labs is remote-first

We’re looking for people who like to learn, and teach what they’ve learned to others. Our team is full of passionate people who love the evolution of a startup. No two days are the same, and we like it that way. We believe that personal experience is the best teacher -- so we work to create a culture where people are empowered to make rapid decisions to move the business forward.





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We’re a diverse global team and growing across all departments.