Operator Guide

Unlike traditional API gateways, Ambassador has been designed to allow developers and operations to work independently from each other, with an operations team more focused towards the global deployment and configuration of the gateway. This section of the documentation focuses on the core functionality of Ambassador for operations and sysadmin teams.

Why Should Operators or Sysadmins Use Ambassador?

Ambassador allows developers to manage individual service/API deployments, and frees time for operations to focus on global, cross-cutting concerns such as authentication, continuous delivery integration, rate limiting and tracing.

In more detail, Ambassador supports operations in the following ways:

  • Is simple to deploy and operate, relying entirely on Envoy and Kubernetes for routing and scaling
  • Has extensive support for TLS termination and redirects
  • Integrated diagnostics and tracing for troubleshooting
  • Supports running multiple Ambassadors in a cluster, with different versions, simplifying upgrades and testing
  • Integrates with Istio, if you need a service mesh