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TLS origination

Sometimes you may want traffic from Ambassador Edge Stack to your services to be encrypted. For the cases where terminating TLS at the ingress is not enough, Ambassador Edge Stack can be configured to originate TLS connections to your upstream services.

Basic configuration

Telling Ambassador Edge Stack to talk to your services over HTTPS is easily configured in the Mapping definition by setting https:// in the service field.

Advanced configuration using a TLSContext

If your upstream services require more than basic HTTPS support (for example, providing a client certificate or setting the minimum TLS version support) you must create a TLSContext for Ambassador Edge Stack to use when originating TLS. For example:

Configure Ambassador Edge Stack to use this TLSContext for connections to upstream services by setting the tls attribute of a Mapping:

The example-service service must now support TLS v1.3 for Ambassador Edge Stack to connect.