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With Ambassador Edge Stack Diagnostics and Ambassador Cloud, you get a summary of the current status and Mappings of your cluster and it's services, which gets displayed in Diagnostics Overview.


Can't access Ambassador Edge Stack Diagnostics Overview?

Create an Ambassador Module if one does not already exist, and add the following config to enable diagnostics data.

Next, ensure that the AES_REPORT_DIAGNOSTICS_TO_CLOUD environment variable is set to "true" on the Agent deployment to allow diagnostics information to be reported to the cloud.

Finally, set the AES_DIAGNOSTICS_URL environment variable to "http://emissary-ingress-admin:8877/ambassador/v0/diag/?json=true"

After setting up AES_DIAGNOSTICS_URL, you can access diagnostics information by using the same URL value.

Still can't see Ambassador Edge Stack Diagnostics?

Do a port forward on your Ambassador Edge Stack pod

You will be able to access the diagnostics overview page by going to http://localhost:8877/ambassador/v0/diag/

Ambassador Edge Stack not routing your services as expected?

You will need to examine the logs and Ambassador Edge Stack pod status. See Debugging for more information.