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Diagnostics Overview

Ambassador Edge Stack and Emissary-ingress provide cluster diagnostics information, and now it can be accessed using Ambassador Cloud.

In order to use diagnostics, you need to have version 3.1 or greater of EdgeStack or Emissary-ingress installed.

Accessing Diagnostics Overview Page

Inside the clusters page, on each cluster card displayed, there is a 'Diagnostics' button. Clicking it will take you to the diagnostics overview page.

diag button

Inside, you will be able to see two navigation tabs:

  1. Ambassador Routes : Information about your Emissary-ingress mapping resources gets displayed, alongside the service name, weight, and success rate.

    cluster diag routes table

  2. Notices : Provides configuration errors and notices coming from your cluster.

    cluster diag notices table

No Diagnostics Found?

A warning message on the Diagnostics Overview page means either that the cluster has no diagnostics information to report, that diagnostics reporting has been disabled, or that there is an issue with the deployment of the Agent in this cluster.

cluster diag warning message

Add the following config fields to your associated Module resource to enable diagnostics data. If you don't have one, create it with the following fields and values:

Next, in your deployment for Edge Stack or Emissary-ingress, set the AES_REPORT_DIAGNOSTICS_TO_CLOUD environment variable to "true" to allow diagnostics information to be reported to the cloud.

Finally, set the AES_DIAGNOSTICS_URL environment variable