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Accelerate Developer Workflows Across K8s

March 2, 2023 | 5 min read

BOSTON, March 1, 2023 - Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced new capabilities available in Ambassador Cloud that support developer productivity and empower team collaboration in how they code, test, ship and run workflows across Kubernetes environments. Telepresence now includes an intercept specification that offers a shared approach across DevOps teams to intercept and configure remote-to-local applications using CRDs or a version-controlled YAML file. Edge Stack API Gateway, the company’s flagship API gateway, now includes a broad range of new features that provide additional observability frameworks to support engineers looking to monitor and understand the flow of large scale deployment traffic through their systems.

“We know the opportunities Kubernetes adoption brings to organizations as well as the challenges for developer and DevOps teams in managing the full app lifecycle across this environment,” said Richard Li, Chief Product Officer and co-founder at Ambassador Labs. “We are steadfast in our commitment to the developer experience and delivering tools to market that support their ability to code, ship and run applications at scale.  We also value our community contributions and the new capabilities available in both Telepresence and Edge Stack will enable developer teams to collaborate more effectively and allow them to deliver applications faster across Kubernetes while using the tools they already know and love.”

The CNCF has reported that the cloud-native developer population grew 51% over the past two years, reaching 7.1 million developers worldwide. As Kubernetes continues to be embraced by large enterprises, there remains an opportunity to improve the developer experience on their path to maturity.  The newest release of Edge Stack and Telepresence supports this developer journey with the tools to aid their ability to deliver applications for Kubernetes faster and with confidence.

Key features and benefits of Telepresence include:

  • New Telepresence Intercept Specification. Developers can now initiate an intercept and configure their local development container(s) using just one simple command. This approach empowers Platform Engineers and DevOps teams to encode best practices that foster a shared method for debugging applications running on Kubernetes. It also makes the process more accessible and easier for engineers to streamline their development workflow.
  • Improved VPN Support. Test-vpn has been improved to better report on conflicting network routes. mTLS secrets are now mounted into the Traffic Agent, improving robustness. Additionally, local daemons now auto-reconnect to the cluster when the network connection is lost, ensuring optimal uptime.

Key features and benefits of Ambassador Edge Stack v3.5:

  • Improved External Filters. New gRPC TLS support for External Filters provide the most flexible interface for developers to securely plug in their preferred authentication, authorization, and filtering logic.
  • Community-contributed changes to OpenTelemetry support. This additional configuration capability and observability framework is now available for engineers looking to monitor and understand the flow of traffic through their systems, which is particularly beneficial for large scale deployments.
  • Improved readiness checks and resilience: Teams benefit from increased performance at scale with the implementation of a new non-blocking readiness check, and access to additional support for resolving port names.

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