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Datawire Introduces Suite of Software for Frictionless Full Cycle Development

August 17, 2020 | 5 min read

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Virtual Event, August 17, 2020 --Datawire, the company behind the most popular Kubernetes-native API gateway, Ambassador, today announced a suite of products to eliminate friction for developers and empower them to get started sooner and code, test, deploy changes in the way that is more rapid, safe, and efficient.

With increased organizational adoption of Kubernetes comes the promise of better user experiences, smooth horizontal scaling, and the ability to innovate fast. However, particularly for developers that are new to Kubernetes, if they don’t have the right tools in place,  it can introduce a  new set of challenges that slow developer productivity. These challenges can range from configuring an app-ready Kubernetes cluster and building a continuous delivery pipeline, to reducing inner dev loop delays and ensuring that frequent changes don’t lead to out-of-date developer portals.

The newly available Ambassador suite of products is designed to mitigate these challenges, so organizations get the most value from their move to Kubernetes. These new offerings include:

  • The new K8s Initializer that empowers engineers with a self-service web-based interface to effectively build, test, and release cloud-native applications in an application-ready Kubernetes cluster in just a few clicks with the power to route test traffic to observable services.
  • The new Delivery Accelerator includes the MicroCD Pipeline feature, available within Ambassador, that enables developers to stand up a version 0 by building and deploying containers directly from GitHub code. The fastest way to implement continuous delivery in a cloud-native environment is to create the first version of a microservice that validates the infrastructure setup. Once the team confirms the infrastructure and makes progress on improving the microservice, they can switch to using a CI/CD solution such as Jenkins X with Ambassador.
  • Ambassador’s Service Preview improves the utilization of existing cloud environments and supports developer productivity. Service Preview leverages Telepresence and fine-grained layer seven traffic management to allow multiple developers to preview their microservice changes before merging them into a shared staging environment.
  • Ambassador’s Kubernetes-native API Gateway centralizes traffic management, edge policies, rate-limiting, and authentication. The declarative nature of the API Gateway allows platform developers to define global policies (such as TLS, WAF, Authentication) while giving developers the freedom to define policies specific to their service (such as HTTP, gRPC, TCP, WebSockets).
  • Ambassador’s Developer Portal is designed to automatically capture the latest APIs without slowing developers down. With a real-time API catalog, the developer portal will automatically discover all services known by the API Gateway.

With this suite of products, Datawire has created a solution that enables organizations to take advantage of Full Cycle Development.

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About Datawire

Datawire develops the most popular API gateway solution built for Kubernetes. Built on the industry-leading Envoy Proxy, Edge Stack is available in both open-source and commercial editions. Ambassador Edge Stack includes load balancing, authentication with popular Identity Aware Proxies (IAPs), rate-limiting for DDOS attacks, TLS encryption, and more. The ease of installation, breadth of services, and support for full-cycle development have resulted in thousands of companies adopting Ambassador Edge Stack, including Microsoft, PTC, Nvidia, and Ticketmaster. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Datawire has development locations worldwide, including Portland, Oregon, and Montreal, Canada. Download a free community edition of Ambassador at

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