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Datawire Announces Edge Stack Integration with Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAF

May 7, 2020 | 6 min read

BOSTON, MAY 5 2020 -- Datawire , the company behind the fastest growing Kubernetes-native API gateway, Ambassador Labs, and Signal Sciences , the fastest growing web application security company in the world, today announced a partnership that allows engineering teams to protect against malicious attacks while enabling developers to deploy microservices securely and with confidence.

Today, organizations are leveraging a microservices architecture to revolutionize their products and improve user experiences with faster, more frequent releases. However, to realize the full value of microservices, development teams need the ability to build, test, and deploy services without the centralized, operational control, while adhering to security policies that are enforced centrally. With the shift to Kubernetes, more services are exposed at the edge, resulting in more entry points and increased vulnerabilities to attacks at the surface. Hence, securing applications and protecting against malicious attacks is inherently more difficult while also trying to decentralize microservice deployments and edge policy configurations.

The Ambassador Edge Stack integration with Signal Sciences next-gen WAF empowers developers to adhere to an organization's security policies while supporting their ability to build and deploy services fast. Teams can feel confident that the right security measures are put in place to protect against malicious threats - such as authentication, rate-limiting, TLS encryption, and now WAF configuration - without impacting developer productivity.

This integration makes it easier for organizations to configure a next-gen WAF for all incoming traffic at the cluster edge. With the integration, a filter and plug-in enable teams to send the metadata of all incoming requests to Signal Sciences next-gen WAF from Ambassador. Depending on whether the WAF allows or denies the request, Ambassador will either allow or block traffic from entering the cluster.

"While security has become increasingly more complex with the shift from monolithic applications to a highly distributed microservices architecture, our integration with Ambassador drastically simplifies this process,” said Jonathan DiVincenzo, vice president of product management at Signal Sciences. “Both software development and security teams can now gain immediate visibility, secure their applications and scale their protection easily without the need for code changes or constant tuning."

“With this WAF integration, you and your executives can have peace of mind that you’ve got protection throughout the entire development life cycle,” said Bjorn Freeman-Benson, SVP of Engineering at Datawire. “Developers can have confidence in a strong security footprint to protect their systems from malicious attacks, even as they rapidly deploy dozens (or hundreds) of services.”

Ambassador Edge Stack integration with Signal Sciences next-gen WAF is the most recent technology partnership, reinforcing Datawire’s commitment to helping organizations address the most pressing challenges in managing microservices on Kubernetes at the edge.Additional Ambassador Edge Stack integrations include authentication with popular IdPs (Keycloak, Azure Active Directory, Okta, etc.) through AuthO/OpenID Connect, observability with Prometheus, Grafana, distributed tracing with Zipkin, Lightstep, and service meshes (Istio, Consul, and LinkerD).

Additional Information & Resources

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About Datawire

Datawire develops the most popular API gateway solution built for Kubernetes. Built on the industry-leading Envoy Proxy, Edge Stack is available in both open-source and commercial editions. Ambassador Edge Stack includes load balancing, authentication with popular Identity Aware Proxies (IAPs), rate-limiting for DDOS attacks, TLS encryption, and more. The ease of installation, breadth of services, and support for full-cycle development have resulted in thousands of companies adopting Ambassador Edge Stack, including Microsoft, PTC, Nvidia, and Ticketmaster. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Datawire has development locations around the world, including Portland, Oregon, and Montreal, Canada. Download a free community edition of Ambassador at

About Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences is the fastest growing web application security company in the world. With its award-winning next-gen WAF and RASP solution, Signal Sciences protects more than 40,000 applications and over a trillion production requests per month. Signal Sciences patented architecture provides organizations working in a modern development environment with comprehensive and scalable threat protection and security visibility. The company works with some of the world’s most recognizable companies , like Under Armour, Aflac, and Duo Security, across industries, including five of the top ecommerce companies, five of the largest software companies, in addition to many others in the financial services, retail, healthcare, media and entertainment, and government sectors. Signal Sciences is also the recipient of 451 Firestarter award, InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year and Computing's DevOps Excellence Award for Best DevOps Security Tool. For more information, visit Signal Sciences or follow @SignalSciences.

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