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Reduce onboarding time for Kubernetes developers, create fast feedback loops, and establish best practices and guardrails all the way to production.

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Building applications on Kubernetes is hard. Equip your entire organization with cloud native tools from Ambassador that integrate with your existing workflow. Make it easy for your teams to be able to do the right thing, repeatedly.

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Code with ambassador

Code & Test

Local to remote dev environment for K8s
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Edge Stack
golden path - free technical event to help teams adopt Kubernetes

Get your team on the Golden Path

"The Golden Path Pizza Party" is a free technical lunch-and-learn event to help teams adopt Kubernetes using proven architectural patterns and trusted open source tools. Hook your team up with free pizza (or tacos, if you prefer) and limited edition swag too! 🍕✨


Kubernetes Learning Center

Get Hands-On and Boost your Cloud Native Skills

The Kubernetes Learning Center is a one-stop shop combining the best resources on cloud native development with popular open-source tools in a single learning experience - and it's completely free.

Learn Kubernetes - Kubernetes learning Center

Learn from the Experts

Hear from industry luminaries and stay on top of the latest patterns and trends. Get live access to Kubernetes experts to boost your technical knowledge and get your toughest questions answered.

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Daniel Bryant
Head of Developer Relations
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Nicki Watt
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Edidiong Asikpo
Senior Developer Advocate
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Built on Open-Source

Emissary-ingress and Telepresence are CNCF open source projects that are 100% compatible with Kubernetes.

Telepresence - ambassador


Donated to the CNCF in 2018, Telepresence lets you set up your ideal development environment for Kubernetes in seconds. Accelerate your inner development loop with hot reload using your existing IDE and workflow.

emissary ingress - ambassador


Emissary-ingress is the most popular Envoy Proxy-based Kubernetes Ingress Controller and API Gateway that lets you route and secure traffic to your cluster.