Ambassador Edge Stack
Ambassador Edge Stack

Self-Service Edge Management for Kubernetes

Accelerate product delivery with Ambassador's Kubernetes API Gateway, Delivery Accelerator, Service Preview, and Developer Portal.

Ambassador Edge Stack is a Proud Award Winner!

2020 People's Choice Stevie®: Favorite New API Management Solution

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2020 IT World Gold Award: Application Programming Interfaces (API) Management

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2020 Silver Stevie® Award: Best API Management Solution

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Own the services and APIs you deliver, not just the code.

The Ambassador Edge Stack goes beyond traditional API Gateways and Ingress Controllers with the advanced edge features needed to support developer self-service and full-cycle development.

API Gateway

Easily expose, secure, and manage traffic to your Kubernetes microservices.


Service Preview

Reduce friction in the inner and outer development loops to deliver business value sooner.


Delivery Accelerator

Streamline CI/CD by standing up your infrastructure sooner and integrating with CI/CD solutions.


Developer Portal

Automatically catalog APIs to more efficiently onboard developers and monetize APIs.


Ambasssador: The Most Popular Kubernetes-Native API Gateway


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Join thousands of other organizations automating edge operations

"Ambassador is a great productivity tool, and provides a single point of reference for all of our services. We’ve also saved a lot of money and complexity since we’ve eliminated many of our ELBs. Ambassador has been very stable and robust for our needs."

"Ever since the inception of Kubernetes, we’ve witnessed a community of ideas coming together and evolving best practices. Ambassador is one of the building blocks we adopted and are proud to be contributing to."

Alexandre Gervais

Staff Software Engineer, AppDirect

"Regarding Ambassador, all I hear around our company is pure joy."

"Ambassador provides a simple, decentralized way of managing Envoy files through annotations which allows us to declare the state of the routing tier directly to code and simplify the dev-ops process"

Why Ambassador?

Built on the Envoy Proxy

Envoy Proxy enables sophisticated traffic management capabilities , such as load balancing, circuit breakers, rate limits, and automatic retries.


Developer Self-Service

A declarative, self-service model, streamlined CI/CD workflows, automatic developer portal, and a comprehensive set of features empower developers.


Proven and Reliable

Ambassador has a vibrant community of end-users and integrated technology partners. Secure and proven to meet the extremes of performance requirements.


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