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Build apps using the tools and languages you love. The Ambassador Developer Control Plane integrates 
open source development, deployment, and runtime infrastructure with a cloud interface to help you be more productive with

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Fast, local development for Kubernetes microservices with Telepresence

Code a single microservice locally while running the rest of your application in the cloud. Debug your services faster with your favorite IDE and tools to accelerate your inner dev loop.

Telepresence provides a quick and easy way to get a full stack running locally, and each service’s development build can be fast and simple.


Safely deploy code to production with Argo for canary releases

Continuous delivery for cloud native developers. Release and operate the services you build in a self-service way.

The Ambassador Developer Control Plane is the first thing that’s made us feel like we have a single pane of glass on what is deployed into our cluster, and a great experience deploying those things! We code, ship and run apps using one set of tools that work together.


Route traffic and secure access to your services with Edge Stack

State-of-the-art L4/L7 traffic management. Integrated observability and Service Catalog for fast incident response.

Ambassador provided an easy path forward at Greenlight for Kubernetes adoption and empowering self sufficient engineering teams. The first class support we received in addition to their rock solid engineering gives us great confidence in our partnership.

Built 100% on Kubernetes

The Ambassador Developer Control Plane doesn’t run anywhere outside of Kubernetes. This lets you take full advantage of Kubernetes, and build software that is fully idiomatic with the Kubernetes and top Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source projects.


With a declarative, self-service model built on Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions, Emissary-ingress is the most popular Envoy Proxy-based Kubernetes Ingress Controller and API Gateway. The Ambassador Labs team donated Emissary-ingress to the CNCF and it was accepted as an Incubation project in March 2021.


Originally built to solve our own challenges developing microservices in Kubernetes, the Ambassador Labs team donated the Telepresence to the CNCF in 2018 after recognizing that many developers were facing the same problem. Shipped in early 2021, Telepresence 2 solves similar problems for entire Kubernetes teams instead of just single developers.


The Argo project consists of four distinct projects -- Continuous Delivery (CD), Rollouts, Workflows & Pipelines, and Events all designed for building and managing continuous delivery workflows on Kubernetes. The Ambassador Labs team has been active contributors to the Argo Project since early 2021.

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