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Collaborative Kubernetes Development

As services proliferate in a Kubernetes environment, finding information about a service and setting up appropriate development environments becomes increasingly complex. Ambassador improves the understandability of your application, unlocking collaborative development.

Share What You Know

Add Kubernetes annotations to any existing manifests and instantly share information about your service. Who owns the service? Where’s the code repository?

The Service Catalog automatically detects and shares information about every service across your clusters.

Share the Service Catalog with your team, so everyone knows what you know.

Share What You See

Keeping a development environment with hundreds of services up to date is not easy. Ambassador enables developers to virtualize a common development environment -- eliminating the need to maintain separate development environments.

Can’t reproduce that bug your colleague reported? Send them a live preview URL so they can access your development environment so you can see what they’re doing.

Route selective production traffic to your local machine for live debugging. Resource type & Product should not be a required field on Sanity.

Do You Recognize Any Of These Cloud Development Patterns?

Are you spending a lot of time finding the code and identifying teammates that you need to collaborate with to get your jobs done?

Has incident response taken longer than it should because you’re spending time tracking down critical information about a service?

Are you struggling to maintain a development environment that you can use to collaborate with other developers on your team?

Are you seeing these warning signs?

Enable collaborative development with Telepresence