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Move Faster With Kubernetes by Building and Testing Applications Using the Tools You Know and Love

Put your laptop “in the cluster” to get rapid inner dev loop feedback against remote services and datastores, and still be able to use your favorite local IDE, debugger, and profiler.

Accelerate Your Inner Development Loop to Ship Features Faster

Kubernetes was supposed to make your team deliver faster, but now every time you make a code change you have to wait for containers to build, be pushed to a registry, and deployed. With Telepresence, you can make changes to your service within the web of microservices as if you've deployed everything locally, without having to run all the dependencies on your local machine.

Shift Testing Left and Catch Bugs Before Production

You want to catch errors before they get shipped to production, but to do that you need a realistic development environment and with Kubernetes, running and maintaining those can be expensive. Telepresence lets you connect your local service to your remote dependencies so that you can test like your laptop is in your cluster.

More commits, less waiting

Enable Developers to use their Existing Workflow & Toolkit

Missing your favorite code editor, debugger, or profiler? Anything that runs on your laptop integrates seemlessly with Telepresence - even when you're coding and testing against a service running remotely in Kubernetes.

Move Faster as a Team

Collaborate in Shared Development Environments

Reduce time spent maintaining development environments and save money on infrastructure and still be able to share “preview” access to work in progress on your local machine. Ambassador Cloud enables easy collaboration among team members with easy-to-share secure "preview URLs". Teams can also save and share intercept configuration to reuse existing knowledge and experience.

Collaborate in Shared Development Environments

Built in the Open

Telepresence is a CNCF open source project that is 100% compatible with your Kubernetes environment.

Kubernetes: Faster & Easier Than Ever Before

View and manage your services across the software development lifecycle in real-time with a common interface that integrates with your existing Kubernetes workflow.

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Kubernetes: Faster, Easy

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Code, test, and collaborate at scale using Telepresence for Kubernetes