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Telepresence & Docker


Run integration tests locally with the Telepresence for Docker Extension on Docker Desktop

Testing your microservices-based application becomes difficult when it can no longer be run locally due to resource requirements. Moving to the cloud for testing is a no-brainer, but how do you synchronize your local changes against your remote Kubernetes environment?

Run integration tests locally instead of waiting on remote deployments with Telepresence, now available as an Extension on Docker Desktop. By using Telepresence with Docker, you get flexible remote development environments that work with your Docker toolchain so you can code and test faster for Kubernetes-based apps.

Install Telepresence for Docker through these quick steps:

  1. Download Docker Desktop.
  2. Open Docker Desktop.
  3. In the Docker Dashboard, click “Add Extensions” in the left navigation bar.
  4. In the Extensions Marketplace, search for the Ambassador Telepresence extension.
  5. Click install.

Connect to Ambassador Cloud through the Telepresence extension:

After you install the Telepresence extension in Docker Desktop, you need to generate an API key to connect the Telepresence extension to Ambassador Cloud.

  1. Click the Telepresence extension in Docker Desktop, then click Get Started.
  2. Click the Get API Key button to open Ambassador Cloud in a browser window.
  3. Sign in with your Google, Github, or Gitlab account. Ambassador Cloud opens to your profile and displays the API key.
  4. Copy the API key and paste it into the API key field in the Docker Dashboard.

Connect to your cluster in Docker Desktop:

  1. Select the desired cluster from the dropdown menu and click Next. This cluster is now set to kubectl's current context.

Click Connect to [your cluster]. Your cluster is connected and you can now create intercepts.

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