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Faster Dev Loops = Efficiency

Telepresence allows Kubernetes application developers to ship code to production faster and more safely using their preferred local tools!

Reduce onboarding time for Kubernetes developers, create fast feedback loops, and establish best practices and guardrails all the way to production.

Why use Telepresence?

  • Build and test using tools you love (IDEs, debugggers, etc.) to move faster with Kubernetes.
  • Easily share the results of your local code changes (integrated with remote dependencies) directly with teammates using a secure preview URL.
  • Easily access a realistic and scalable remote development environment. Code and test your services locally against any dependency as if it was also running on your machine, no matter its size or configuration.
  • See the impact of your code changes instantly, without waiting for containers to build, be pushed to registry, and deployed.
  • Minimize the time it takes for new team members to push their code to production by letting them use the workflows they were comfortable with before Kubernetes.

See Telepresence in Action