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Telepresence vs. Telepresence OSS

The open source project and commercially available Telepresence are built for fast local development of Kubernetes applications.

Local-to-Remote Development Solutions


Telepresence is a widely adopted development tool for fast local development of Kubernetes applications. Built on the CNCF Telepresence project, it provides extended features to support teams of developers and increase both fast feedback and collaboration. Telepresence includes access to cloud dashboards, auditing capability, increased security configuration for platform teams, and world-class product support from Ambassador Labs Customer Support team.

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Telepresence OSS

Telepresence OSS is an open source project that allows individual Kubernetes developers to test and debug cloud native applications faster. Built to speed up the inner dev loop with containers, it allows for the continued usage of local debugging tools (IDE, debugger, etc.) and seamlessly join local-to-remote environments for fast feedback. This open-source project was created by Ambassador Labs and is now a CNCF Sandbox project.

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Experience the power of Telepresence

See for yourself how you can bridge the gap between local and remote development environments.

Telepresence vs. Telepresence OSS



Multi-Tenancy / Environment Variables

MSI Installer

Docker Extension

GitHub Actions - Predefined actions (CI)

Global Intercepts

Personal Intercepts

Docker Compose

Pod Daemon - Deploy Preview

Intercept Specs

Preview URLs

Saved Intercepts


Hear from our customers

The 10x improvement in debugging and troubleshooting with Telepresence not only accelerated development, but also minimized the roadblocks caused by Kubernetes complexities.

Curt Marjaniemi

VP of IT Digital Product Development | Ent Credit Union

Ambassador makes it very easy for us to manage endpoints across all our regions worldwide and is able to seamlessly adapt and work with every region’s 80 different endpoints, each with varying configuration requirements.

Nashon Steffen

Staff Infrastructure Development Engineer | Mercedes-Benz

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