Ambassador Edge Stack

Kubernetes-native API Gateway

Ambassador Edge Stack is a Kubernetes-native API Gateway that delivers the scalability, security, and simplicity for some of the world's largest Kubernetes installations.

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Proven Security and Authentication

The Ambassador Edge Stack makes securing microservices easy with a comprehensive set of security functionality, including automatic TLS, authentication, rate limiting, WAF integration, and fine-grained access control.

Security and Authentication Features:

  • Authentication
  • Rate Limiting
  • Custom Request Filters
  • WAF Integration
  • External Filters

Simplified Kubernetes Management with the Ingress Controller

Routing traffic into your Kubernetes cluster requires modern traffic management. The API Gateway contains a modern Kubernetes ingress controller that supports a broad range of protocols including gRPC and gRPC-Web, supports TLS termination, and provides traffic management controls for resource availability.

Ingress Controller Features:

  • Kubernetes Integration
  • Protocol Support
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
  • TLS
  • Automatic HTTPS

Simplified Traffic Management to Ensure High Availability

Microservices may crash, but your application shouldn’t. The API Gateway includes support for automatic retries, timeouts, circuit breakers, and rate limiting to maximize application availability. In addition to keeping your application available, the API Gateway supports progressive releases with fine-grained traffic management controls.

Traffic Management Features:

  • Load Balancing
  • Circuit Breaking
  • Progressive Delivery

Decentralized, Declarative Workflow

Edge Stack empowers development teams to safely manage their ingress, using the same workflow you already use with Kubernetes.

  • Configure using Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)
  • Protocol Support
  • Zero downtime reconfiguration
  • Integrate with existing GitOps / Kubernetes workflows

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Edge Stack Modules and Features

Security and Authentication

WAF Integration
Rate Limiting
Automatic HTTPS
Custom Request Filters

Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Kubernetes Integration
Protocol Support
Cross-Origin Sharing
Custom Request Filters

Traffic Management

Load Balancing
Circuit Breaking
Progressive Delivery

Service Mesh

Service Mesh Integrations
Multi-Cluster Support
Rate Limiting
Automatic HTTPS
Custom Request Filters

Edge Policy Management

Declarative Policy Engine
Edge Policy Console
Observability Integrations
Tracing Integrations

Support for Popular Service Meshes

Ambassador natively supports service meshes for service discovery, end-to-end TLS, and observability. Ambassador has customers with production integrations on all the most popular meshes. In addition to service mesh support, the API Gateway also supports multi-cluster Kubernetes when used with LinkerD.