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Ambassador Simplifies the Microservices Life Cycle & Accelerate Application Development. Its developer-friendly tools, Telepresence and Edge Stack, allow teams to iterate faster and manage their API gateway with scalability and security.

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New Ambassador Edge Stack Accelerates Developer Release Cycle and Reduces Operational Overhead for Kubernetes Adopters

Boston, MA – December 11, 2019 – Datawire , the company behind the fastest growing Kubernetes API gateway, Edge Stack, today unveiled the new Ambassador Edge Stack 1.0, an integrated edge solution that empowers developer teams to rapidly configure the edge services required to build, deliver and scale their applications running in Kubernetes. The Ambassador Edge Stack offers the most comprehensive set of capabilities to ensure the operation of secure and reliable microservices on Kubernetes through an intuitive, self-service delivery model, and is available for free today as part of our early access program. The Release Impediment Organizations are rapidly adopting Kubernetes to boost developer productivity and increase release velocity. Currently, businesses partition applications into microservices where each development team manages its code independently of one another. However, teams exposing services to end users often hit an impediment to faster release cycles. While developers can specify security, resilience, and traffic management policies for their services – one or more of which changes with each release – they typically rely on an operations team to implement those policy changes. And as microservices multiply and release cycles shrink, the backlog of change requests balloons, creating more and more work for the operations team.

December 11, 2019 | 6 min read