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GOSH Collaborates With Ambassador Labs to Assure Integrity of Docker Containers

June 6, 2023 | 4 min read

June 6, 2023Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced a collaboration with GOSH, a decentralized blockchain development platform purpose-built for supply chain security and open source management. With a new integration of products, Ambassador Labs’ flagship Telepresence solution will work seamlessly with the GOSH AnyTree Firewall for Telepresence, adding an extra layer of security for Telepresence users by verifying the integrity of Docker containers as well as any changes made to them.

Ambassador Labs is a technology company that builds developer infrastructure to help organizations of every size to adapt to the cloud world, with a mission to empower developers ship software faster. The company’s Telepresence solution accelerates collaborative development, debugging and testing on Kubernetes by connecting developers’ local machines to shared remote Kubernetes clusters, supporting faster time to market.

“With the GOSH AnyTree Firewall integration, Telepresence users can be certain that their development process is more secure at every stage of the life cycle, from development to ship and everything in between,” said Steve Rodda, CEO of Ambassador Labs. “We’re excited to work with GOSH on this security capability. With the recent launch  of Telepresence for Docker, the GOSH AnyTree Firewall integration with Telepresence will deliver that extra security layer to user’s software supply chains.”

“The integration builds Docker containers only from approved sources,” said GOSH CTO Andrew Kurochkin. “Whenever something is added to the container’s isolated environment, users know what it is and can control what is included, delivering a separate specification for the container.”

Part of the GOSH AnyTree Firewall is the ‘Deep SBOM’ -  a tool  describing not only what, but also how something was built, and uses GOSH Build to safely build reproducible containers in an isolated environment.

The GOSH AnyTree Firewall integration with Telepresence is designed to make sure everything developed with Telepresence for Docker will be identically reproduced with every build, regardless of other changes made in the development process. The integration tool provides an additional security measure, so  developers can build revolutionary software faster and with confidence. It is currently in Beta testing stages on Linux only, but will be available on other platforms and Docker Desktop in the near future. You can try it now at:

About Ambassador Labs

Ambassador Labs is revolutionizing the way development teams code, test, ship and run Kubernetes applications. Their flagship products, Edge Stack and Telepresence, are used by global enterprises to accelerate deployment and facilitate collaboration across the full lifecycle of cloud native software delivery. Ambassador Labs was an early Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source project contributor, and their Emissary-ingress and Telepresence projects are used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide. The company is backed by top investors, including Insight Partners and Matrix Partners. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn.

About GOSH

GOSH stands for Git Open Source Hodler. It is a decentralized community Git blockchain, purpose-built for securing the software supply chain, and allowing developers to unlock the value in open source software. GOSH is the first and only formally verified Git implementation. Built as an advanced scalable multithreaded and multi-sharded blockchain, it allows developers to build a layer of structural security smart contracts therefore making it the first platform where the more code you write the more secure it becomes. It was founded on May 10th, 2022.

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